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Ingenious In-Room Hotel Hacks To Improve Your Stay

It’s often a luxury to stay away from home, in a hotel, where all the usual responsibilities are put on hold. But sometimes, the comforts of home are lacking or other guests are being a real pain. Luckily there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to improve your stay and maybe even save some money!

Try Out This DIY Humidifier

When you’re packing your suitcase, chances are that humidifier you use every night just isn’t going to fit. If you find the dry air is messing with your vacay, simply wet a towel with warm water and position it in front of the air conditioner. The AC will cool the moisture on the towel and push it out into the room. Voila!


Become A Coffee Pot Connoisseur

People usually like to eat out on vacation, but it can get expensive to buy food for every meal of the day. Look to your room’s coffee maker for a way to save some money. Use the boiling hot water to make things like oatmeal, soup, Ramen or other meals.


Have Dishes Delivered

If you’re ordering food or making use of the second hack on this list, you may need some dishes. Instead of running out to buy paper plates or making a mess with some kind of napkin contraption, call down to the front desk and have clean dishes delivered. It’s free, easy, and the hotel staff are happy to help!

Art of Pewter

Make Your Own Toothbrush Holder

Even though every room is thoroughly cleaned between guests, you can never be too careful. If you get creeped out by the thought of you toothbrush just laying by the sink, bring a clothespin with you on your next trip. Just clamp it on the handle of your toothbrush and use the bottom of the pin and your brush to prop it up.


Create A Towel Buffer

If you’re suffering from other guests being a tad too noisy, use a spare towel to block out the sound. Roll it up and place it against the bottom of the door to your room. The added barrier should cut down on the amount of outside noise coming in, as well as any unwanted light or smells.


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