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When Naive, Innocent People Meet The Internet The Results Are Hilarious

Ah, sweet innocence. Nothing is more amusing than seeing it feebly attempt to protect the naive from the utter filth of the internet. It’s equal parts hilarity and tragedy, with unbelievable results.

If you thought “daddy” was just another cutesy name for your father, be warned: this list will make you think twice before you call him that again.


Blind People Love Dogs


According to this sweet innocent soul, he just doesn’t quite understand why every blind person is a dog person. Like, do no blind people like cats? And why do they all wear sunglasses, even when it’s not sunny?




I am not entirely sure if this poster is innocent or simply being a smart ass. Either way, this innuendo has nothing on the ones later in this list…




Choking is a strange thing. Some like it, others don’t, but the line between them has never been more visible than with this post. God bless you, innocence.


Expert Wine Taster


The question “spit or swallow?” usually doesn’t fly over people’s heads, but this might be an exception. What’s impressive is that this person can legally drink and still misunderstands the question. Innocence doesn’t have an age limit, I guess.


A Nice Dad


To the more naive reader, this seems like a nice, albeit vulgar, message from the world’s number one dad. To everyone else, this is horror on a screen.


Decapitated Cravings


With the endearing combo of innocence and anatomical correctness, this poster oozes innocence to a disgusting degree. This is great, but a later entry’s response to how far she’s gone with a guy might be even better…


A Cream-Pie Full Of Lies


Turning off Google’s safe-search can be a cruel, cruel thing. One moment, you’re wanting to see delicious pictures of your favorite pastry. The next, well…


Her Favorite Position


To be fair, this poster might be more innovative than innocent. I mean, charging your phone while doing the dirty sounds both inventive and efficient. Props to you, random internet lady.


Oh, Canada


The only thing sweeter than this girl’s innocence might, in fact, be Canadian maple syrup. When asked what’s the furthest base she’s reached, she said she doesn’t play baseball and prefers field hockey instead.


No Homo


This guy puts an entirely new spin on the phrase “no homo“. Now if only he could learn that the word “homosexual” is not a term for people who fornicate with houses, he’d be ready to tackle the world.

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