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Someone Put Every Jerk Boyfriend Meme Photo Into Single Storyline

We’ve all seen every iteration of the “jerk boyfriend” meme by now. It was so popular that it indisputably qualifies for “Meme of the Year” in 2017. But before we retire its jersey and move onto something else in 2018, the now-internet-famous “jerk boyfriend” couple still has one last hilarious surprise that deserves to go viral. Twitter user @ajabernathy actually tracked down every other stock photo that the “jerk boyfriend” models appear in and put them together into a single, epic thread.  When you see all these pictures together, it almost tells a story. You’re just going to have to see it to believe it!

Hey, Girl


Here’s the original photo which inspired the “jerk boyfriend” meme. It’s been given many hilarious captions over the past several months. Turns out that this same couple has appeared in numerous other stock photos. And it looks like this fictional stock photography couple has been through their fair share of ups and downs.

Looks Like They’re Going To Have A Baby


Here’s another stock photo from Shutterstock featuring this exact same couple smiling over a positive pregnancy test. I wonder if he grew up a bit since his “jerk boyfriend” days?

Happily Ever After For This Fake Couple?


It’s a boy! Hopefully this puts an end to the “jerk boyfriend” thing altogether, right? Right? Unfortunately, it looks like some things never change.

Yeah, That Lasted Two Minutes


Famous meme girl sits and waits for her supernaturally faithful boyfriend to call and prove her wandering mind wrong, but it’s been two weeks. Ugh. He’s done it again.

Cheating Boyfriends And Crying Babies


Famous meme girl is so relatable in this photo. Many moms have felt the overwhelming stress of raising a baby and a man child at the same time.

Wait For Him To Pass Out, Then Break Into His Phone


Jerk boyfriend decided to come home, and like all lames, his password was easy to guess. His baby mama found out where he’s been by going through his messages. CAUGHT.

And That’s Not All She Found


Raunchy text messages AND panties. Oh heck no. This guy is on another level of douchebagness. I hope she does something about this. Let’s see.

She Wants To Breakup, So He Begs (Typical)


Famous meme girl just wants jerk boyfriend to leave, so she asks him to. But like any narcissist, that’s unacceptable to him, so he refuses.

What You Do With A Man Who Won’t Take Your ‘No’


Jerk boyfriend was holding on, so famous meme girl served him papers. Not only will he have to fight to see his daughter, there is now a restraining order filed against him.

That Moment He Realized How Bad He ****** Up


Flash forward a year. Famous meme girl is doing well in life and looking mighty fine. She passes her jerk ex on the street and he suddenly hates himself for all he’s done. Let’s thank these two for giving us a storyline we all can relate to in some way. And thanks to both the stock photographer, the Shutterstock models, and @ajabernathy for putting all this together!

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