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Jim Carrey Explains Why He Doesn’t Care About Fame Anymore

jim carrey

1. The New Jim Carrey Famously rubber-faced actor and comedian Jim Carrey has been focusing on smaller roles in the past few years, but why? He was once the toast of Hollywood throughout the ’90s and 2000s! It turns out that Carrey had a good reason for it all. The reason, it turns out, is […]

1. The New Jim Carrey

Famously rubber-faced actor and comedian Jim Carrey has been focusing on smaller roles in the past few years, but why? He was once the toast of Hollywood throughout the ’90s and 2000s! It turns out that Carrey had a good reason for it all.

jim carrey

The reason, it turns out, is that Carrey developed a new perspective on life. “I used to be a guy who was experiencing the world and now I feel like the world and universe experiencing a guy.” What lead such a huge movie star to start feeling this way? How did a megastar like himself suddenly decide he was undergoing a major shift in his life? A look at his roots can help understand.

2. A Star Is Born, and No One Knows It

Jim Carrey’s early life was a modest one. Kathleen Oram and Percy Carrey welcomed their fourth child Jim Eugene Carrey on January 17, 1962 in Ontario, Canada. The couple lived in the city of Newmarket where Katheen took care of her four kids, John, Patricia, Rita, and Jim at home, while Percy supported the family as a musician and accountant.

Jim Carrey

The Carrey children were raised Roman Catholic in what seemed like a typical middle-class loving home. This was fairly the case, but then things took a turn for the worse and the experience would mold Carrey and even shape his unexpected rise to fame.

3. He Always Had It in Him

Kathleen was quite a sickly woman, often bedridden, and this is where her youngest son Jim stepped in. He used to sleep in tap shoes as a child because his parents would often wake him to perform for them in the middle of the night. Even as a young spring chicken, Carrey knew how to contort his face and make hilarious impressions.

Jim Carrey

During a rare one-on-one interview with journalist Steve Kroft, Carrey told him how he wanted to make his mother feel better. “Basically, I think she laid in bed and took a lot of pain pills. And I wanted to make her feel better. And I used to go in there and do impressions of praying mantises, and weird things, and whatever. I’d bounce off the walls and throw myself down the stairs to make her feel better,” he recalled.

4. Struggling in School

Carrey was always a unique person and had the ability to set his mind to do anything. An undiagnosed dyslexic, Carrey was unaware of why it was so hard for him to excel at school like the other kids. However, this didn’t deter him.

Jim Carrey

Carrey worked extremely hard to improve his memorizing skills so that he could keep up with the rest of the class. He was a shy and quiet child, which meant that the future star wasn’t the most popular kid in school. However, this wouldn’t be the biggest issue in his life…

5. The Value of Self Worth

Already at the age of 10, Carrey knew he was quite a talent. According to the actor’s own testimony later in life, he recalls how he sent his résumé and a letter to Carol Burnett of the Carol Burnett Show when he was 10 years old.

Jim Carrey

In the letter, Carrey professed how talented he was at impressions and that production should consider him for the show. Burnett replied no, but the young Carrey was overjoyed that he received a reply (not to mention that he finally worked with Burnett in 2008 on Horton Hears a Who!).

6. From Picture Perfect to Down and Out

When Carrey was 12 years old, his father lost his job. Many years later he opened up on Inside the Actors Studio to host James Lipton about this whole ideal. Carrey exclaimed that it was a real “kick in the guts” for the family.

Jim Carrey

Carrey told Lipton that his family had to move into a van, and that he and his siblings had to work in a factory as janitors and security guards after school in order to survive. He lamented that he “wanted to bash somebody’s head in” after working an eight hour day in a factory. According to him, the experience really took a toll on his confidence because he went from being a top student to “not wanting to know anybody’s name and not wanting to make friends.”

7. The Stigma of It All

Not only was Carrey shy, he also felt like he had to hide the fact that he was poor from the other kids lest they isolate him even more. For eight years, the Carreys resided in Burlington where he attended Aldershot High School.

Jim Carrey

Despite his domestic situation, Carrey knew that he could make people laugh until they cried. He used this talent to his advantage to make friends and even struck a deal with his teachers. If he listened during class, he was allowed to perform for his classmates for a few minutes at the end with zany impressions and jokes. Unfortunately, this little deal couldn’t temper the storm Carrey was going through as an adolescent.

8. Calling It Quits

With all the financial pressure at home and the not-so-idyllic living conditions that come with living in a van, Carrey dropped out of school at 15 years old. He couldn’t make any sense of what was going on in class anymore and decided to call it quits.

Jim Carrey

In a 2007 interview with The Hamilton Spectator, Carrey reminisced about this turbulent time in his life. He emphasized that if he didn’t land a career in show business, he’d probably be working at Dofasco steel mill Hamilton, Ontario. He used to stare at the factory and think that’s where he could actually make a life for himself. But showbiz it was. However, it would be a very rocky and unexpected road.

9. “If You’ve Got a Talent, Protect It.”

Carrey’s father always supported his son’s natural inclination for comedy and encouraged him to pursue a career in stand-up comedy from the age of 15. His mother was well aware of her son’s comic bone, but she would get nervous when he started performing and sent Carrey to his room to practice some more.

Jim Carrey

Carrey’s father was more active about it all and drove Carrey to Toronto to perform stand-up comedy at Yuk Yuk’s comedy club. His initial attempts at impersonations were very unsuccessful, which made the young and aspiring comedian doubt his abilities altogether. Until someone came along and changed that for him.

10. Hope on the Horizon

Eventually, the Carreys moved into a new home when their financial situation stabilized somewhat, and Carrey returned to the stage with more focus and a polished act. People started noticing his talent, which landed him regular paid shows instead of open-mic nights.

Jim Carrey

A Toronto Star reviewer declared that Carrey was a star coming to life, and the legendary Caddyshack comedian Rodney Dangerfield noticed the talent right away. Dangerfield signed Carrey on to open his tour performances and even took him to Vegas.

11. The Start of Something New

Instead of touring with Dangerfield in Vegas, Carrey decided to broaden his horizons and moved to Hollywood in 1979. He began performing at The Comedy Store, and in 1982, made an appearance on the televised stand-up comedy show An Evening at the Improv. The following year Carrey featured on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

Jim Carrey

The aspiring entertainer also turned his attention to film and TV. He auditioned to be a cast member on the 1980-1981 season of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out for him. However, he’d go on to host the show three times, first in May 1996. Great things were in the cards for Carrey – some incredible and some dreadful.

12. Carrey’s First Lead Role

Carrey landed his first lead role in Hollywood on the short-lived sitcom The Duck Factory. The up and coming actor played the role of Skip Tarkenton, an ambitious actor looking for a job who gets slapped with a low-paying job with an animation company that requires him to draw a duck over and over again.

Jim Carrey

Throughout the ’80s Jim Carrey appeared in several films, including Copper Mountain and Peggy Sue Got Married, but despite that, things just weren’t looking up for the young actor. Nonetheless, he was about to find love in an unexpected place.

13. Wedding Bells

On March 28, 1987, Carrey tied the knot with Melissa Womer, a former actress and waitress at The Comedy Store, the club he performed gigs at regularly. That same year, on September 6, 1987, the new lovebirds welcomed their daughter Jane Erin Carrey into the world.

Jim Carrey

Carrey seemed to be in a great place in his life; he had found love and his career was growing. So why was he still unhappy? Well, it turns out he was suffering from depression, which plagues many people. Just how bad was it?

14. A Troubled Soul

As a child, Carrey exhibited signs of depression and isolation. He used to sit in his room and think up weird scenarios to draw. Years after he gained fame and fortune he divulged to Rolling Stone how he’d make disturbing pencil drawings.

Jim Carrey

Carrey recalled, “My parents would come into the room and ask, ‘What are you drawing?’ It would be my dad looking at his watch with a gun in his hand. ‘It’s a portrait of you,’ I said. ‘It’s called Waiting to Die.'” The strange thoughts filtered into his adulthood too…

15. The Dark Cloud of Depression

From a young age, Carrey battled depression. He took Prozac for many years, but after he realized he could get addicted to the pills, he weaned himself off and opted for a more spiritual approach to combat his anger and sadness.

Jim Carrey

Carrey told the Rolling Stone that after his big break on The Duck Factory, he moved his parents to live with him in Hollywood. He remembered how he would freak out when things became too overwhelming and even used to dream of strangling his mother in his sleep. Seeing that Carrey had to support them and was running out of money very quickly, he wanted to get his parents away from him before he did something he’d regret. The question is: would Carrey be able to handle all the fame that was in store for him with all his ills and qualms?

16. Progressing Quickly

The 1988 comedy film Earth Girls Are Easy was Carrey’s next step in the right direction. His co-star Damon Wayans recognized Carrey’s talents and introduced him to his brother Keenan who was working on In Living Color, a sketch comedy show that ran from 1990-1994.

Jim Carrey

Carrey landed a recurring role on the show and gained quite a lot of recognition. He was ripe and ready for great things and the universe seemed to know it, or so he thought. He believed in the Law of Attraction to such a degree that his next move was quite unbelievable.

17. The Law of Attraction

“It is better to risk starving to death than surrender. If you give up on you dreams, what’s left?” Carrey really believed this and wanted to take the bull by the horns. The actor would drive to an isolated place and picture himself signing deals with the top directors in Hollywood. He used to declare out loud: “Movie offers are out there for me, I just don’t hear them yet.”

Jim Carrey

Carrey would practice this exercise for years, called the Law of Attraction. He believe in it so much so that in 1985, he post-dated a check for $10 million for Thanksgiving 1995. Lo and behold, he kept that check in his pocket and something incredible was waiting to happen. Could he attribute this next incredible development to this Law of Attraction? Read on to find out.

18. “Alrighty, Then!” – The Triple Whopper

The year 1994 was the year all of years for Carrey because all his hopes and dreams came to fruition. The actor was offered a starring role in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. This role led him to star in blockbuster comedy successes such as The Mask and Dumb and Dumber. All three movies were commercial hits, and Carrey became the face of comedy in Hollywood.

Jim Carrey

The star came up with the catchphrases for most of his movies even before filming commenced. He created the catchphrase “Alrighty, then” for Ace Ventura and many other mannerisms and voices for his three hit movies. The Mask earned Carrey earned his first Golden Globe nomination. At one point he was also the highest paid actor, bagging $20 million per film. In fact, he could cash that check he post-dated after landed his role in Dumb and Dumber.

19. An Incredible Ability

Carrey’s iconic characteristic was always his ability to twist his face into the most bizarre expressions. He made life easier for many of his production teams. In The Mask, he used such dynamic and animated expressions that less facial enhancement was required.

Jim Carrey

The comedy star also improvised one of Dumb and Dumber‘s most memorable moments. Jeff Daniels, who played Harry Dune, winced when Carrey’s character Lloyd Christmas creates the most annoying sound in the world. Carrey made it up on the spot and it worked so well, that the director kept Harry’s wince in the scene for special effect.

20. Trouble in Paradise

As his fame and fortune grew, Carrey and his wife decided to divorce. They even opened up to Rolling Stone magazine about why the couple couldn’t keep the relationship going. Melissa insisted that he forgot how to do basic chores like taking the garbage out when he became famous.

Jim Carrey

Carrey acquiesced that she was lucky to be out of his life because he was “in a different zone.” That didn’t stop him from marrying Lauren Holly, his Dumb and Dumber co-star. This second marriage only lasted a year, but it turned out that Carrey’s charm worked on quite a few famous and beautiful women, as we’ll discuss later.

21. Unbounding Success

The comedy star was on fire in the ’90s and bagged starring roles in the films Batman Forever, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, The Cable Guy, and Liar Liar. Carrey earned a second Golden Globe nomination for his role in Liar Liar. He even created the famous claw scene for the movie and said it was based on something his dad used to do.

Jim Carrey

The roles just kept coming in. Carrey landed the lead roles in The Truman Show, Simon Birch, Man on the Moon, and Me, Myself and Irene. He was even engaged to his Me, Myself and Irene co-star Renée Zellweger from 1999-2000. His booming success made sense. He attributed his focus during this time as a way “to forget the pain of life. Forget the pain, mock the pain; reduce it. And laugh.”

22. Awards Galore

In total, Carrey has been nominated for six Golden Globe awards and won two. His first was for Best Actor in a Drama for 1998’s The Truman Show and his second was for Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical for 2004’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Carrey claimed that he loved the script for The Truman Show so much that he was willing to reduce his fee to $12 million.

Jim Carrey

He also received a BAFTA Award nomination for Best Actor for his role in Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. He had the ability to really take on a character and develop it as much as he could, but one time, it got way out of hand.

23. A Method Acting Mishap

In 1999, Carrey took on the role of the exceedingly eccentric actor and comedian Andy Kaufman in Man on the Moon. He was actually thrown out of a cafeteria because he was experimenting with method acting and refused to break character.

Jim Carrey

His co-star Paul Giamatti recalls Carrey’s weird antics during the filming of the movie. He called him “wacky” and declared it one of the “weirdest experiences” he had during acting. The reason was because Carrey covered his hands in cheese and proceeded to hug people and rub his hands all over them. Giamatti recalled how Carrey stank of the stuff so bad.

24. On a Roll

Nothing was stopping Carrey from securing his fame. He continued to act in many films in the 2000s, namely Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Pecan Pie, Bruce Almighty, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Fun with Dick and Jane, The Number 23, Yes Man, I Love You Phillip Morris, A Christmas Carol, Kick-Ass 2, and Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, just to mention a few.

Jim Carrey

Carrey was offered the role of Captain Jack Sparrow, but turned it down because he was working on Bruce Almighty in 2003. That turned out quite fine for both Carrey and Johnny Depp. Bruce Almighty went on to become a cult favorite.

25. McCarthy”ism”

Another one of Carrey’s high-profile relationships was with model and former Playboy Playmate of the Year Jenny McCarthy. The pair dated for five years, from 2000-2005, and had quite the stellar partnership. They lived together and Carrey was going to propose to her for fun during a stunt while premiering the movie Yes Man.

Jim Carrey

The picture above was taken in 2008 when the two were spotted on the beach. Obviously, Carrey decided to pull a prank and “borrowed” McCarthy’s swimsuit for a bit of a stroll. That wasn’t the only thing he borrowed or adopted from McCarthy…

26. Anti-Vaccination

McCarthy’s stance on children’s vaccinations kind of rubbed off on Carrey a bit. Even after the pair split up, he’d post tweets about how vaccinations cause autism. He once tweeted: “They say mercury in fish is dangerous but forcing all of our children to be injected with mercury in thimerosol is no risk Make Sense? And, I am not anti-vaccine. I am anti-thimerosal, anti-mercury. They have taken some of the mercury laden thimerosal out of vaccines. NOT ALL!”

Jim Carrey

After Carrey got his U.S. citizenship in 2004, he became very vocal about his anti-gun stance as well. He once went on a Twitter rant targeting gun owners. In 2013, after a bizarre rant, he apologized for calling assault rifle owners names, but said his stance on the matter hadn’t changed at all. These are not the only strange things Carrey has done.

27. Recent Roles

“Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself.” Oh yes, in 2014, 20 years later after Dumb and Dumber was released, the sequel, called “Dumb and Dumber To” hit the screens. Carrey and Daniels reprised their roles, but the film received quite negative reviews. Nevertheless, it was a success at the box office grossed over $169 million.

Jim Carrey

In 2017, the film Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond tracked Carrey’s experiences when he couldn’t break his character of Andy Kaufman for the film Man on the Moon. This film received very positive reviews. Carrey remains a renowned actor, but in recent years quite a lot has occurred in his personal life causing many to raise their eyebrows. Continue reading to find out what.

28. Robin Williams Dies

There is definitely something about comedians and their struggle with depression and anxiety. Carrey and fellow comedian Robin Williams were good friends, and while there isn’t any record of how Carrey felt about the tragic loss in 2014, he did have something to say about depression, which some blame as the cause for Williams’ suicide.

jim carrey

Carrey revealed in an interview that his depression was a “necessary ingredient to learning anything or creating anything.” He emphasized that in order to be interesting, one needs to be desperate. He went on to say, “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.” Carrey’s confusing statements and antics have only become stranger in recent years.

29. A Run-In With the Law

You might not believe it, but Carrey actually had a bit of an outlandish run-in with the NYPD in 2011 for vandalism. He insisted on spray painting an image called “Baba” on the wall outside his own West Village art studio.

jim carrey


Carrey painted “Baba” who is believed to an impish deity who exists in negative space. At first, the police ignored it, but the actor painted a second version of the Baba with the message: “”This graffiti reapply pursuant to…[drawing Baba]…Ordinance F.F.C.” Yes, makes no sense at all!

30. More Silly Antics

Carrey is no stranger to peculiar behavior. He once bought a Harley Davidson and attached a personalized license plate brandishing the words “NO TAG.” This, however, backfired on him because police officer write that on tickets when a car doesn’t have a license plate. Yep, Carrey was slapped with other people’s speeding fines.

Jim Carrey

jag gundu/getty images

In other crazy news, Carrey professed his love for Emma Stone on YouTube and chose names for their “chubby little freckle-faced kids.” Stone was flattered and didn’t seem to mind. Still, it seems a bit creepy. But this was nothing compared to what Carrey was accused of in 2015.

31. A Tumultuous Love Affair

Carrey had an on-again off-again relationship with an Irish-born makeup artist named Cathriona White. She was found dead in her Los Angeles apartment in 2015. Police ruled it a suicide from a prescription drug overdose, but that didn’t stop her family from pointing fingers.

Jim Carrey

This sudden loss really affected Carrey. He was devastated and performed pallbearer duties at the funeral. In 2016, both White’s mother, Bridget Sweetman, and White’s ex-husband, Mark Burton, filed separate wrongful death lawsuits against the star. He insisted that they were just trying to make money off him, but some strange developments in their relationship led to these accusations.

32. STDs, Drugs, and Such Things

Both lawsuits claim that Carrey provided White with illegal prescription drugs and that she contracted a slew of STDs from the star. The Daily Mail reported that up until 2013, he was using an alias name, Jose Lopez, for medical tests.

Jim Carrey

Sweetman and Burton both claim that he infected Cathriona with Herpes, Hepatitis A, and Chlamydia on Valentine’s Day 2013. They insist that he knew the results and proceeded to have unprotected sex with her. Their claims also state that when she tried to confront Carrey about it he called her a whore and tried to shut her up.

33. Secret Conversations

When White confronted Carrey about the STDs, he allegedly replied that several bumps are to be expected after shaving or “vigorous sex.” He reportedly said that she could have contracted the STDs from someone else because the symptoms only show up when stressed.

Jim Carrey

Another recorded conversation White had with someone was leaked to the public after she died in which she says that Carrey has a severe addiction to cocaine or what she referred to as “sugar.” She wrote that he was really depressed and that the sugar messes with his mind. She stated, “He kept eating more sugar, and then he was just like having these breakdowns, like meltdowns. It’s like 50 Shades of Grey, 50 f*cking million shades of Jim – and I’m 50 f*cking shades of f*cked up because of it!”

34. Accusations

White’s mother, Bridget Sweetman, wanted everyone to see Carrey for the man she thought he really was and labeled his behavior callous and criminal. She stated that “Every mother and father that has a daughter should read [Cathriona]’s handwritten letter to Jim and decide for themselves what kind of guy he really is.”

Jim Carrey

“Instead of giving Ms. White flowers and chocolates, Carrey should have given her his STD test results… THAT is what she deserved on Valentine’s Day,” she declared. They wanted him to pay for his crimes, based on several conversations they found between White and Carrey.

35. Carey’s Response

Carrey was adamant that White went into his apartment and stole pain killers. He responded with an official statement saying that he could make everything go away with lawyers, but that he wanted to speak out and defend his name.

Jim Carrey

He wrote that when his name gets dragged through the mud, it’s his duty to speak the truth. He stated, “I will not tolerate this heartless attempt to exploit me or the woman I loved. Cat’s troubles were born long before I met her and sadly her tragic end was beyond anyone’s control. I really hope that someday soon people will stop trying to profit from this and let her rest in peace.”

36. Jane Erin Carrey

With all the things happening in his life, Carrey was still, most importantly, a father. Jane Carrey grew up to be a beautiful woman. The knack for the arts runs in her genes, and she applied as contestant on American Idol in 2012. There was controversy surrounding whether she was given special treatment on the show because of her dad.

Jim Carrey

RadarOnline claimed that she didn’t have to camp out like the other contestants did to secure an audition. Well, turns out the judges did recognize her and asked her if her dad knew she was there. When she got through the second round, Ryan Seacrest called Jim Carrey and he congratulated Jane over the phone, hoping everyone would recognize her for the talent she really is.

37. Living in the Shadow

During the show, Jane allegedly said that it’s been hard living in the shadow of her dad’s talent. She said, “It was definitely fun growing up with him as a father, he’s not the most extravagant celebrity so it’s been fairly normal – fairly.”

Jim Carrey

Overall, Jane and her father have a good relationship and Carrey also appears to be a loving, hands-on grandfather to Jane’s son Jackson, who was born in 2010. Despite this, the media still seems worried about him. What’s got them riled up?

38. Carrey Pens a Book

In 2013, Carrey penned and published his own children’s book How Roland Rolls. The unusual plot tracks a scared wave named Roland. When asked about the deeper meaning of the book, Carrey provided a very interesting and rather peculiar answer.

Jim Carrey

He claimed the book was more of a metaphysical story for children that “deals with a lot of heavy stuff in a really childish way.” But this seemed like just the beginning of Carrey’s idea of what being human means and his existential crisis.

39. Carrey Writes to Tupac

The two-time Golden Globe winner seems to have a love for writing, not just acting. When Tupac Shakur was in jail, Carrey would write to the rapper to cheer him up and make him laugh during his time behind bars.

Jim Carrey

Tupac appreciated the letters and proclaimed that Carrey was his favorite comedy actor in Hollywood. Perhaps there is some kind of silent understanding between actors, singers, and writers. However, in recent years, not even the best of friends have been able to quell the actor’s increasingly strange behavior.

40. “We Don’t Really Exist”

Carrey has proclaimed that he believes the scientific premise that our reality is actually a simulation, which is run by an intelligence beyond our understanding. To put it simply, the actor believes we don’t really exist and there is no meaning to anything.

Jim Carrey

He got his ideas from the astrophysicist Neil Tyson DeGrasse who hypothesizes that one day, a very sophisticated civilization will be able to create simulations making it impossible to distinguish between reality and a simulated reality. This sounds a bit like The Truman Show, but on steroids.

41. Has He Gone Cuckoo?

One of the stranger incidents of late was captured on video when Carrey arrived on the red carpet at New York Fashion Week in September 2017. His peculiar behavior and statements turned heads during an interview with E! Network anchor Catt Sadler.

Jim Carrey

At first she thought he was just being his usual jokester self by walking in circles around her, but then he shot down every question of hers with philosophical answers and statement. Carrey exclaimed “There’s no meaning to any of this, so I wanted to find the most meaningless thing that I could come to and join, and here I am.” He continued on his strange rant to Sadler.

42. Say What?

Sadler tried to skirt the issue and brought up the fact that the Fashion Week was about celebrating icons, and again, Carrey shut her down proclaiming that celebrating an icon is the lowest of the lowest state one could come up with.

Jim Carrey

It sounded like gibberish, but Carrey continued spouting his nihilistic beliefs while Sadler had to pretend she agreed with it all. She asked if any icons and artists inspire him but was met with a deadpan response, “I don’t believe in icons. I don’t believe in personalities.” This progressed into a bizarre tirade. After the media had a bit of a field day over Carrey’s behavior, he wasn’t about to let it go without a response.

43. So What Do You Have to Say, Jim?

After a bit of drama and speculation by the media, Carrey was asked to explain what his tirade at New York Fashion Week really meant. He decided to take the path any actor would probably take and opened up about acting and characters.

Jim Carrey

Carrey explained that there is a very thin line between the characters he plays in movies and who he really is in reality. He exclaimed “You suddenly have this separation and go, ‘Who’s Jim Carrey? Oh, he doesn’t exist actually.'” He concluded that no one really exists; it’s just a manifestation of things like a religion, nationality, and name enmeshed together which make up a human being. As Ace Ventura would say, “Alrighty, then!”

44. So Why Are You Famous, Jim?

Further responding to his New York Fashion Week interview, Carrey also explained that he became famous in order to let go of it. He described how he still goes through the motions any actor goes through – hair, make-up, and dressing – but that it happens without the idea of him.

Jim Carrey

He definitely wasn’t joking around about all of this, or perhaps he was. It’s kind of touch and go with Carrey, the ultimate prankster out there. He claims that he’s a universe apart from everyone else, but how does he actually know that?

45. Carrey’s At It Again

In November 2017, Carrey declared that Apple’s face recognition software will lead to a New World order to “enslave humanity” using totalitarianism. Given the new software, he said that his days using iPhones are finished! He is concerned that the Face ID software will fall into the wrong hands and cause major problems in the world.

Jim Carrey

Carrey believes that the software will be able to pick up on depression and mania and use it against people. He also suggests that the software will label you a terrorist or criminal and discern one’s sexual orientation. To him, it sounds like total surveillance. Maybe Carrey hasn’t broken character from The Truman Show, or he recently read George Orwell’s 1984, but in the wrong state of mind?

46. He’s Still Awesome Though

Carrey’s recent behavior might come off as strange, but aren’t we all a little cuckoo? It is safe to say that he’s one of the greatest comedians to ever grace our screens. He received a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame and was even honored by Canada Post with a limited edition stamp with his face on it.

Jim Carrey

It’s hard to resist laughing at and with the star who coined the term, “Ohh, somebody stop me!” while brandishing a green mask. Well, no one can stop Carrey from being the legendary and funny star that he is! We’ll just have to wait and see what else he has up his sleeve.

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