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Kidnapped Dog Reunites with Owner Three Years Later

Jessica Miller’s dog, Dasha, was stolen from her backyard three years ago and she had lost all hope of seeing her beloved dog again. Recently, however, the pair were reunited when a farmer living 100 miles away paved the way to bring her dog back home.


Herefordshire Council

According to a report by British daily the Mirror, Miller’s greyhound was stolen in the summer of 2014. They did everything possible to find their treasured pooch, including filing a police report and with local veterinarians, not to mention numerous appeals on social media.

All of Miller’s efforts to find the dog proved to be futile, prompting her to believe that Dasha would be forever gone. She revealed to Metro that “He [Dasha] helped me get through an abusive relationship and was always there for me. It was devastating to lose him. If he had died I could have mourned him but the fact I had no idea stopped me moving on. It sounds really sad but I had almost given up hope, I feared the worst.”


Herefordshire Council

Fortunately, Miller and Dasha’s story continued after all when a farmer 100 miles away found the curious canine wandering down a country lane in the small town of Staunton-on-Arrow,  southwest of Birmingham in the UK on May 9.

Dave Poolton, a local Herefordshire Council enforcement officer, contacted Miller after discovering that the dog had a pet microchip implant.

In an interview with the BBC, Poolton said that “When I saw that the dog was last registered in Derbyshire several years ago, I naturally assumed that the microchip was out of date. Nevertheless, I called Jessica and the first thing she did was burst into tears. I have to admit, I welled up a little myself.”


Herefordshire Council

Miller was naturally over the moon with the news. She told Derby Telegraph that “he was only four when he was stolen from our back garden. As soon as we had the call from Dave, I travelled straight down to Herefordshire to get Dasha and bring him back home.”

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