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Kylie Jenner Documents via SnapChat Crazy Tour Bus Ride with Khloe and Kendall

If you thought that the Kardashian/Jenner sisters couldn’t have a fantastic time together, you’ll probably change your mind once you see this wacky, crazy little adventure that a few of the sisters went on the other day! Kylie and Kendall Jenner spent a lovely afternoon with their older sister Khloe Kardashian, but it wasn’t just a typical girls day lunch. These ladies thought it would be a great idea to go on a Hollywood tour, but while wearing disguises so that no one would recognize them on the tour bus. But the best idea of the day? Kylie Jenner documented the entire adventure, start to finish on her personal SnapChat account!

Though it’s pretty obvious that the one holding the camera is Kylie since she only had on a pair of sunglasses and a fake nose, Khloe and Kendall were barely recognizable! It personally took me watching about halfway through the snapchat story to even realize that Khloe was the one in the middle of the bus seat, grey wig and wrinkles applied to her face, looking nothing like her gorgeous self. And Kendall’s crazy orange hair and extra facial changes made her look the opposite of the supermodel that she is!

Now even though this definitely seems like it was a spur-of-the-moment sort of outing, obviously it couldn’t have been that spontaneous. Each of the girls had different effects and additions on their face, including full hair and makeup to make them unrecognizable. So there’s a good chance that they planned this at least a day in advance, lining up a makeup artist team to do all of the work. We know that Kylie is a genius when it comes to makeup, but she’s more in the beauty and glamor world, not necessarily the special effects makeup world.

The three sisters went totally unnoticed throughout their official bus tour of Hollywood. It seemed like their tour guide had absolutely no idea that he had three of the most talked about and famous women in the public eye right now; and if he did know, he did a great job pretending that he didn’t.

For the most part, the girls were throwing jokes back and forth with each other, yelling comments at the tour guide, and trying their best not to get caught before the tour ended. Khloe was definitely the most vocal of the trio, telling their tour guide that she was from Albuquerque, New Mexico, after “forgetting where she was from”. The tour guide even playfully called Khloe “My Lady from Albuquerque”, which of course Khloe played along with. And of course every time the nice tour guide brought up the Kardashian family or some piece of gossip that they were a part of, they never stayed silent. At one point, Khloe even said something about calling them the “Kartrashians”, playfully picking on her and her family.

Towards the end of the SnapChats, Khloe decided to start to peel off her skin additions from the makeup artist as well as her fake eyebrows. She also took her wig off, which ended in some hilarious comments and facial expressions from the sisters. The long SnapChat story ended with the girls jumping off of the tour bus and running away, as the paparazzi had finally spotted them. So much for going unnoticed! But still, it seems like three of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters had a wonderful afternoon bonding and having a hilarious time together!


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