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Should Travis Scott Be Worried About Kylie Jenner Going Back to Ex Tyga?

After a rocky breakup with boyfriend Tyga, reality TV star Kylie Jenner was spotted with new boyfriend Travis Scott after his performance at Houston’s Revention Music Center last May 11. As reported in Inquistr, Kylie Jenner was spotted backstage having a good time with her boyfriend in the crowded club.


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Travis Scott seems unfazed about the rumors that Kylie might consider getting back with her ex-boyfriend, Tyga. The 19-year-old star of hit television series “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” has been rumored to still have feelings for her old beau. Sources said the cosmetics mogul still hopes that they will get back together one day.

Sources from Hollywood Life said that Tyga was Kylie’s first love and that Kylie might still be considering ending up with her former boyfriend. “She hasn’t ruled it out,” as quoted from the website.


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However, an insider told Hollywood Life that “Tyga’s such a user and being with Travis [Scott] had made [Kylie Jenner] see that.” Tyga’s fame was attributed more to his relationship with the famous star as industry insiders have noticed the rapper going “somewhere loud” so the paparazzi notice him with her and take pictures.

Ending his relationship with the reality star meant that he had to let go of privileges including private jets and security escort, which is why he seems to be wooing her back. Tyga recently released an Instagram video stating his confidence about Kylie getting back with him. “If I hang up, she calls right back to me / You cut her legs off, she crawls right back to me.”

Tyga vs Travis Scott

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According to Hollywood Life, Travis is completely the opposite of Tyga and is rarely seen in the limelight with Kylie. “Travis is so low-key, and doesn’t want to be seen,” the report said. Still, Kylie is still seen with Travis anywhere he goes.

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