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This Little Girl Has A Unique Thing To Brag About: She Was Born TWICE

For most moms (and babies), being born once is quite enough.

But for one little girl, it wasn’t. In order for her to survive, it was necessary for her to be born twice. This is her story.

Meet Lynlee Boemer

Lynlee Boemer recently celebrated her first birthday, but it is something of a miracle that she’s here with us at all.

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Lynlee’s mother, Margaret Hawkins Boemer, received some shockingly bad news from her doctors during her pregnancy. She was just 16 weeks along when doctors realized that Lynlee had a tumor on her spine.

The condition, a sacrococcygeal teratoma, was putting Lynlee’s life at risk. Something had to be done.

The First Birth Of Lynlee Boemer

The tumor was diverting blood away from Lynlee’s brain. To save her, surgeons needed to open the womb in order to operate.

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Lynlee’s mother had already taken some risks to get this far along in her pregnancy. Lynlee was originally a twin, but the other baby had already miscarried. Boemer had been advised to terminate the pregnancy entirely, but she opted to continue in hopes of a miracle.

Lynlee’s tumor wasn’t small, though. In fact, it was the same size as she was when the doctors operated. She was given a miserable 50 percent chance of making it through the operation.

A Moment Of Drama

Lynlee’s heart stopped during the operation. It was only thanks to the intervention of a highly-skilled cardiac surgeon that she survived, but she had to be removed from her mother’s womb in order for him to operate.

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She was then placed back in the womb and her mother’s uterus was repaired. Boemer would spend the next 12 weeks in bed before Lynlee entered our world for the second time. She weighed 5 pounds, 8 ounces at birth and is a beautiful, healthy child now.

You can see how the events of Lynlee’s life so far have played out below:

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