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Long-Distance Couple Meets Around the World To Take Same Photo

Who says that romance is dead? Not us, that’s for sure. In fact, we’ve got pictures to prove it. Rob and Joli Switzer may be one of the most romantic globe-trotting couples in history. This is the story of how two people who live far apart keep a relationship alive and kicking.

The First Kiss


This is Rob, from the USA, and Joli, from the Philippines, sharing their first photographed kiss on Puka Beach, Boracay Island, Philippines. It would form the basis for every photo in the following years.

Joli Joins Rob At Home


This was taken on Joli’s first trip to the USA to see Rob. They let their passion run away with them in San Francisco this time.

The Iconic Kiss


There are few places in the USA as immediately recognizable as Monument Valley, Utah and it offers a suitably dramatic backdrop to the couple’s love.

The Couple Explain What’s Going On


Rob says of the project, which can be seen on Facebook under DipKiss travels, “Everyone was taking jump shots and signature travel poses, so we thought about creating our own cute romantic pose just for kicks.” This shot is in Washington DC.

It Was A Private Thing At First


Rob and Joli hadn’t intended to share their project with the world; it was meant to keep their families up to date with things, nothing more. Here, they’re at Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina.

Then A Lot Of People Got In On The Act


This might look like Disneyworld but in fact, it’s Kizhi, Russia. By the time this photo was shared, more than 5,000 people were following their Facebook and Instagram pages.

It’s Special To Them


They said, “It was one of the only ways for us to meet each other when we were apart. And we both loved to travel as a hobby anyway so it worked well for us.” The photo above was taken on their trip to Napa Valley.

They Spent A Lot Of Time On The Road


Neither Rob nor Joli wanted to give up their home and their work when they began dating, so they spent nearly 3 years apart dashing to make time for each other on vacation. Like this shared moment in Albuquerque.

The End Of The Line


Something changed, however, and in St. Petersburg the couple realized that their long-distance relationship was nearing the end of the line. It was time for a big decision.

They’re Married!


Rob proposed to Joli in Russia! They got engaged in Moscow and after Rob had been down on one knee, they took this photo for their album and got married in June 2017.

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