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Long-Haired Waiter Gets First Haircut In Five Years

One of the most popular segments of the “Rachel Ray Show” is doing makeovers. Usually, the subjects are carefully chosen but in one particular episode, style expert Kyan Douglas just happened to come across a potential makeover subject when he went out for chicken wings in a popular place in New York City.

long-haired waiter

Rachel Ray Show/Youtube

According to the Rachel Ray Show, Douglas noticed that his long-haired waiter was sporting a man bun so he offered to give him a make-over.

“We have done a show here about man buns and after the show, I went out on the street and every other guy I saw had a man bun. So, I go in [to eat] and the waiter had a man bun too! It was like some weird man-bun karma,” shared Douglas.

Apparently, Joe, the 22-year-old long-haired waiter, has been growing his hair for five years as a sign of rebellion towards his parents when he was in high school and hasn’t had a single hair cut ever since.

long-haired waiter

Rachel Ray Show/Youtube

Joe agreed to the makeover causing his girlfriend, Angie to shed happy tears, saying: “It’s overwhelming… I have never seen him with short hair before”

In the video of the episode, one can see how long and thick Joe’s hair was and the excited and happy reaction of the crowd after seeing his new hairdo.

Even the host, Rachel Ray, couldn’t contain her excitement after seeing him, exclaiming: “Dude! You look hot!”

“Before, your hair was fine but you look a little dated, you look a little hippy-dippy… [now] you look sexy man!” Ray added.

long-haired waiter

Rachel Ray Show/Youtube

Angie, on the other hand, was grinning from ear to ear but left speechless. She just jumped from her seat to give the long-haired waiter a big hug and his hair an admiring look, causing Joe to ask: “Do you love it?”

His girlfriend finally found her voice and said: “Yeah! It’s very sexy.”

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