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Is This The Luckiest Woman Alive? She Won The Lottery TWICE In One Day!

You might want to pack your bags and move to North Carolina because it appears to be THE place to live if you want to win the lottery.

The Million Dollar Fever

The Million Dollar Fever is a scratchcard-based lottery which runs in several states including North Carolina. As you might imagine, the chances of winning a big prize are pretty remote. To give away a million dollars, they need to take in quite a lot more than that in lottery tickets, and that doesn’t even take into account the smaller prizes they pay out as well as the operator’s profit.


So, Michelle Shuffler of Granite Falls was pretty pleased when she bought a scratch-off ticket and won $10,000!

Meet Michelle Shuffler

Yes! Michelle won $10,000 on a Sunday morning. She said of that moment: “I was in complete disbelief. I still am.”

But that wasn’t the only win that Michelle would have on Sunday. She felt that she still had some luck to burn, and 22 miles away in another town from where she’d bought the first ticket, she bought a second one.

ABC Local

This time she really beat the odds. She won $1 million! Michelle probably speaks for all of us when she says, “It’s quite astonishing. It’s a miracle!”

There Is Another Contender For World’s Luckiest Woman

The North Carolina lotto has a habit of making people rich. There is, in fact, another woman who won big prizes on the lottery twice in one day and she’s also from North Carolina.


Kimberley Morris was the first person to do this back in October. This is quite incredible when you realize the lottery itself only launched in August! Kimberley wasn’t posing for any photos though, she preferred to stay anonymous.

Packing your bags and headed for North Carolina?

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