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The Reason This Man Is Wearing A Dress Is The Definition Of Dad Goals

When Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations were first introduced, no one likely considered the fact that some children are raised by a single parent. For those kids, the holidays are only a reminder of the absence of one of his parents.

So, when Chatchai Parnuthai’s children attended a Mother’s Day celebration at their school, he wasn’t going to let them miss out on the fun.

On Their Own

Parnuthai’s wife walked out of the family three years ago to move to Europe, abandoning their two sons, Ozone and Imsome. They were alone for the ride of life, but they adapted to the change. Everything seemed to be going okay; that is, until a Mother’s Day celebration was held at the boys’ school in Thailand. Parnuthai had to think fast about what to do to be there for his sons.

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Out Of His Comfort Zone

Parnuthai, 32, is known for being a “tough guy.” He rides motorcycles and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a dress. But he would do anything for his sons. This includes borrowing a dress from his mother and dressing up as a mother for his sons’ Mother’s Day celebration at school. It was a complete surprise for his sons!

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Respecting Their Mother

One tradition in Thailand is to show respect for your mother on Mother’s Day in a formal ceremony. At the celebration, Parnuthai’s sons knelt in front of him and paid their respect to their “mother” while he sat alongside the other mothers.

“I was a bit embarrassed, but it meant that they [his sons] could take part like their classmates,” Parnuthai commented.

Viral Press via LAD Bible

The Best Mother There

Parnuthai surprised everyone in attendance at the celebration, but no one judged him for his appearance. Instead, they praised him for his generous act of love for his sons. Many claimed he was the “best mother there.” We don’t blame them for thinking this. It’s an adorable gesture!

Viral Press via LAD Bible

Happy Kids, Happy Dad

Parnuthai wanted to make sure his sons didn’t feel left out. If it means he wears a dress in public and behaves like a mother, so be it. He would do anything for his kids.

“I’m a single dad, so I just wanted to make sure that my two sons were happy.”

This is probably something the sons will remember for the rest of their lives.

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