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Marine’s Sister Gets An Incredible Wedding Day Surprise

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? Weddings are always packed full of emotion, happiness, and people who genuinely love each other, whether they’re the ones tying the knot or their ecstatic family members.

All weddings are special, but some are more so than others. This blushing bride, for example, had a wedding day surprise she and the rest of her loved ones would remember for years to come.

The bride’s brother, an active duty marine fighting overseas to save his country, sent her a letter saying he would not be able to make it to her big day. Saddened by the fact her best friend couldn’t be by her side, she came to terms with the situation and was determined to continue on with the celebrations.

Imagine her surprise when only a few hours before the ceremony, in walks no other than her big brother, uniform and all.

Watch her incredible reaction below!

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