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5 Times Misbehaving Animals Got Caught By Their Owners, And It Was Hilarious

Pets are little angels— until they aren’t. With bated breath, they wait for the opportunity to wreak havoc. They only need five minutes to get into trouble. All day long, they bide their time until their people leave the house, and then they pounce. Once you see what these pets get up to on their own, you may want to install a nanny cam to spy on your doggo or cat.

Wiener In The Pool

Watch out, folks! We’ve got a wiener dog in the pool! Dachshunds get up to all sorts of dickens. Give them half an opportunity, and they’ll take a mile of advantage, wagging their tails all the way. This little guy found his way into the pool for some R&R, but check out that optical illusion. What a stubby pup!


Scandal Of The Year

He’s her catnip. She is his squeaky loofah toy. Their breeds are sworn enemies, but in their hearts, they’re littermates. Isn’t that the love story of the ages? On the real, though, that pug is so scandalized. He looks like he just caught with his pants down…. oh. Oh yeah.


Just Hangin’ Around

Huh. That cat is caught in a most interesting pickle. Can’t you picture her, attempting to tunnel through the coat hangers, in search of a better life? To come so far, only to have her progress stopped in such a humiliating fashion. It’s almost like cats want to take over the entire house.


Cat In A Kitchen-Aid

Yeah. Yeah. Cats definitely want to exert control over the homes of their people. This cool cat got caught with his paws in the mixer. He’s not even interested in the cookie jar. He wants the cookie dough. Can you blame him, though? The dough is the best part of the whole cooking-baking process.


Pillow Fight

Can you imagine walking into your living room and finding a mess of feathers and dog? Look at that pupper’s face. He’s shamelessly happy and unabashedly proud of himself. The lolling tongue, paws all akimbo, covered in down— that dog is living his best life, no doubt. He doesn’t even care that he’s caught.


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