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‘Modern Family’ Coming Back for Two More Seasons

“Modern Family” is back in action as ABC announced it will be airing two more seasons of the hilarious comedy series. Although it’s not yet certain whether the show will be airing more episodes beyond season 10, fans were delighted to hear that Modern Family will be pushing through with seasons 9 and 10.

Modern Family


According to reports, ABC will be airing 22 episodes for each season giving the fans a total of 44 episodes to look forward to. Aside from that, there are a few surprises reportedly in store for the fans.

Among those surprises include the reappearance of previous characters like Gloria (played by Sofia Vergara), Claire (played by Julie Bowen), Phil (played by Ty Burrell), Cameron (played by Eric Stonestreet), Haley (played by Sarah Hyland) and Luke (played by Noland Gould).

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Fans have long been awaiting “Modern Family”’s update since the end of Season 8. Delays were due to some issues that both 20th Century Fox and ABC had to resolve. It has been said that there were a bit of a discussion between the two regarding cost of the long-running series.

The news about “Modern Family” has been a joy not only to long awaiting fans but also for the cast of the show. Rumors say that cast members were given a raise so that they would stay.

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Steve Levitan, the co-creator and co-showrunner, said he was “beyond thrilled that we get to spend more time with these characters, these amazing actors, our ridiculously talented writers and our incredible crew—all of whom are like family to us; and the good kind of family, not the kind of family that argues with you all the time.”

“I’d like it to go 10 seasons. It seems like a nice round number. But most importantly, I’d like to end strong. If that means ending it after nine, that’s OK, if it means ending it after 10, even better,” added Levitan.

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