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This Amazing Mom Turns Thrifted Clothing Into Masterpieces

America throws away 70 pounds of clothing per person every year. That’s why one mom decided to do something about the fabric waste her family of five was producing. She started transforming old, vintage, and thrifted clothing. What she came up with were beautiful masterpieces that her family will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Reimagining The ’80s

Sarah Tyau began recycling clothing after her first daughter was born. Now, her daughter models a lot of her creations on Instagram. For example, this beautiful yellow dress was made from thrifted clothing, an ’80s style coat. She doesn’t just sew for her fast-growing children, though. The pieces she makes for herself are just as amazing.

Sarah Tyau

Business As Usual

With a few adjustments, Sarah was able to turn this drab pantsuit into a business dress. It only cost her $8 to create. We think it fits her and shows off her radiant personality much better now. Many people would be prepared to pay a lot of money for something that fits this well — little do they know it’s originally thrifted clothing. She doesn’t just come up with her own creations, either. She seems to have a knack for making copies of some of the most expensive brands out there.

Sarah Tyau

J-Crew, No Thank You

We all have an item or two of clothing that we want but know we can’t afford. That’s why Sarah transformed this pink sweater and some ruffle tights into a version of a J-Crew sweater she fell in love with. Honestly, her version just knocks it out of the water. Sarah is redefining other parts of the fashion world, too.

Sarah Tyau

Redefining The Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses are a popular form of fashion, but clothing recyclers are bringing a new definition to the term. They, like Sarah, take oversized shirts and turn them into gorgeous dresses. She made this one out of an XXL men’s dress shirt. If you look closely, she has added a lot of details. You won’t have to look closely to see the beauty in this last garment, though.

Sarah Tyau

It’s All In The Details

Sarah was able to relocate the baggy, excess fabric on this sweater to a beautiful detail on the front of it. This must have involved some serious sewing skills. You can learn how to transform thrifted clothing, too. Sarah does detailed videos of her transformations on her YouTube channel. You should definitely check it out.

Sarah Tyau

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