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Morty the Abandoned Bunny Turns out to Be the Jenga Master

Who says Jenga’s just for humans?


The Adventures of Bugsy/Instagram

For cute little bunny Mordecai, he doesn’t let his long ears and a perpetually wiggly nose get in the way of his enjoying the fun game. But don’t be deceived by the cuteness overload; it might not be obvious, judging by how happy and content Morty looks today, but he used to be a homeless bunny before he was rescued.

Morty was found neglected in a backyard hutch that was so small that he couldn’t even hop or move around. Left like an old stuffed toy in that tiny hutch, Morty had to endure the harsh winter cold and the sweltering summer heat. In fact, he was so neglected that no one cared enough to notice that he had harbored a botfly infestation.


The Adventures of Bugsy/Instagram

Sadly, rabbits like Morty are usually purchased whimsically come springtime, with caretakers having no actual clue about proper care. Eventually, they end up leaving the poor creatures in outdoor cages, like the one Morty was found in, or let loose in the wild where they have very little to no chance of survival.

Somehow or other, Morty ended up in various animal shelters before finally being transferred to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), wherein he finally got a chance of getting adopted by a decent human in the name of Kendall Bryant.


The Adventures of Bugsy/Instagram

With his new family, Morty can not only hop freely in his new home. He loves perching on top of the dining table “like a boss,” supervising Kendall during meal preparations. And obviously, he loves a good game of Jenga.

Rabbits are not at all that different from dogs or cats. The social animals that they are, they seek attention and companionship, and easily fall prey to boredom. And having lived in an inhumanely tiny and boring hutch for so long, no wonder Morty is trying to enjoy life to the fullest in his new home.

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