Where you came from ?! This Mother Almost Did the Unthinkable to Help Her Autistic Son
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This Mother Almost Did the Unthinkable to Help Her Autistic Son

1. A Bright Little Baby

When Julius Robertson was born, it was not obvious that he was on the Autistic spectrum. In fact, he was an early walker and talker. He was a completely normal, healthy baby, born to best-selling Australian-British Author Kathy Lette. It wasn’t until he was 14 months old, however, that it became obvious that something was wrong.


She described the realization by saying it was “as though his computer had crashed.” From the age of 14 months old, young Julius was not able to utter a word again until he was four and a half years old. Once he did, though, he never stopped talking. He surpassed many people’s expectations.

2. A True Savant

As Julius grew up, he was diagnosed with Autism. Still, he proved to be very intelligent and his mother was always impressed by the things he knew. For example, Lette said that Julius has a great photographic memory.

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As a tennis fan, he was able to remember the score of every game in history. He also knew large amounts of information about a wide range of subjects, from sports to science to psychology. Lette describes her son truly as a “savant”. Despite all this, he had a hard time being sociable and outgoing. How did he fare in the cruel school years?

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