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Expectant Mother Spends $4,000 On Pink Things For Her New Daughter That Turns Out To Be Her New Son

The arrival of a newborn is always a thing of joy to any couple. When you have your first child, you want to make sure that it wants for nothing and that it will have the happiest possible start in life. That’s exactly what Sarah Sharples wanted too, but life threw her an expensive curveball.

The Prenatal Scan Told A Misleading Story

Sarah’s 20-week prenatal scan was incredibly exciting for her. Her doctors told her that she was expecting a girl. She asked if they were sure.

Yep. It was 100% certain her baby was a girl.

Little Things

She was over the moon. Her “little princess” was going to have an amazing place in her home. She spared no expense making the arrangements.

She Went All In On Pink

She decided that pink would be her daughter’s color. Everything she bought for her little princess was pink. The clothes were pink, the toys were pink, the walls of her nursery were… yes, you’ve guessed it, pink.

Little Things

If you know it’s going to be a girl, you can also pick the right name and Sarah and her partner Lee, opted for “Lily-Mae.”

They also wanted their daughter to be able to recognize her name, so they embroidered it on everything they could embroider and spray painted it on the things they couldn’t embroider.

The One Thing They Weren’t Expecting

Sarah and Lee spent nearly $4,000 on all these arrangements, but there was one thing they weren’t expecting. When Sarah had her baby, the midwife looked at her and said, “There’s something that you need to see.”

Little Things

It’s something that Sarah’s doctor should have seen at the prenatal scan, her child was a little boy. Fortunately, some of the places she shopped at will take back the clothes for refund or credit, but there’s not much she can do about the walls that she has painted.

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