Where you came from ?! Twins Look Completely Different Until Unexpected Death Sparks a Change
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Twins Look Completely Different Until Unexpected Death Sparks a Change

Identical twins don’t always stay identical. Mary and Ruth were born identical and until the age of 11, they appeared to be identical. Then Mary started to have some problems with her weight.

Mary Got Big And Ruth Did Not

Mary’s weight ballooned to 420 lbs (190 kg) and Ruth’s stayed at a svelte 120 lbs (54 kg). As you can imagine, this was the cause of some distress for Mary.


The twins’ mother didn’t help matters because she called Ruth “the beautiful one” while dismissing Mary. However, the whole family was deeply worried about Mary’s weight and they wondered if anything would ever change for her.

Mary’s Son Speaks Out

On the Oprah show, Mary’s 13-year-old son said, “I really want to say to my mom, just stop eating because if you keep on going you can die, and I don’t want you to die because you’re my mom.”


It was 6 years after Mary’s family appeared on Oprah that tragedy struck. She received a phone call from the police with the most terrible news a mother can get.  Her son, now 19, had been involved in a fatal car accident and would never be coming home again.

The Tragedy That Triggered Change

Mary was sad and miserable. She wanted her son back, but knew this would never happen. However, his words about her losing weight kept coming back to her, over and over again. Then she decided to make a positive change. She began to exercise daily.


Just 7 months later, Mary had dropped over 120 lbs (60 kg) and said, “I feel great, and I’m still going. I got a long way to go, but I’m still going.”

We think her son would be very proud if he could see her now. What an inspiration.

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