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  • A Look Into the Bizarre Life of the ‘Human Barbie’

    Justified or not, Barbie has been consistently accused of perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards. After all, most girls will not end up tall with a tiny waist, ample bust, long legs and shimmering blonde hair. But one woman from Ukraine challenged this notion and has done everything to try to meet the doll's admittedly unnatural proportions. The result? She boasts the desired doll proportions and has reached a level of perfection that seems eerily inhuman. So what exactly does a human Barbie look like? More important, who is she and what does she do? Surprisingly, she does not just sit pretty in a plastic pink house, or cycle through the same endless series of frilly dresses. Read on to see what life is like for a real, human Barbie.

    OMG!Melina PapadopoulosJuly 13, 2017
  • Square Dancing Grannies in China Credit With Spurring Latest Tech Boom

    China has a new fad sweeping the nation and unlike in some countries where the young are the trendsetters, this one is all thinks to the senior ladies out there. At the moment, square dancing has become immensely popular in the country with around 100 million people taking part in the very American hobby. While

    EntertainmentLyn KellyJuly 13, 2017
  • Husband in Tears After Wife’s Creative Pregnancy Announcement

    After struggling with infertility for 17 years as well as experiencing four miscarriages and one stillborn birth, the Grave Family had started to give up the idea of having children, which is why husband Arkell had the most emotional reaction after Dana creatively relayed the pregnancy news by placing buns in the oven. In a YouTube

    LifeLyn KellyJuly 13, 2017
  • This Video of “Dinosaur Abuse” Goes Viral

    A video “report” by Carlos Perez and Mauricio Ortegon about the “ill-treatment” of dinosaur has gone viral. The video was filmed on the road when Perez and Ortegon spotted a pick-up truck with a life-like plastic dinosaur strapped at the back. The two made it sound like they were doing a live report of something

    HUMORLyn KellyJuly 12, 2017
  • Dying Grandparents Take Part in World’s Most Adorable Marriage Proposal

    It had been a difficult day for Angi Grippo. Her family just received information that her grandparents would likely only have a few months to live. Her grandfather, Cosmo DeFazio, a World War II veteran, was in poor health, while her grandmother, Doris DeFazio, was suffering from stage-4 cancer. But the day unexpectedly turned around for

    LifeLyn KellyJuly 12, 2017
  • Three’s Company! How Much Do You Know About the Classic Show?

    EntertainmentCarolyn GuerreroJuly 10, 2017
  • Newly Uncovered Photo Suggests Amelia Earhart Survived Crash-Landing

    “Whatever happened to Amelia Earhart?” said the line of famous Mandy Moore song and a newly uncovered photograph may have the answer to one of the world’s most compelling mysteries. Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan vanished without a trace almost eighty years ago while attempting to complete a round-the-world flight. The United States government,

    OMG!Lyn KellyJuly 10, 2017
  • Rejected From Every Job, Special Needs Grad Preserveres Against All Odds  

    Children with special needs have an exceedingly difficult transition from high school to the workforce or higher education. While there are programs in place to assist these students while they are in high school, the education system was not built to accommodate them. Leaving many feeling lost and helpless trying to survive. The majority of

    LifeAsher WeberJuly 9, 2017
  • New York Man Spends Over 30 Years Turning Trash Into Treasure

    For over 30 years Nelson Molina collected tens of thousands of items thrown out in the trash all over New York City, creating his own incredible museum of precious artifacts. Working with New York City’s Sanitation Department he would find treasure all over the city, but not being able to take them home, he began

    OMG!Asher WeberJuly 9, 2017
  • 28 Baby Bats in Australia Rescued from Freezing to Death

    Bats are usually associated with horror and creepy movies because of their habits and behavior as creatures of the night. This perception might change drastically after 28 baby bats suffering from hypothermia have been rescued and sent to the Australian Zoo Wildlife Hospital. In a report by the, it was said that the 28

    OMG!Lyn KellyJuly 9, 2017
  • Japanese Spa Offers Ramen Bath to Guests

    The majority of tourists go to Japan not only for the beautiful sights but to have a taste of their national food – ramen or Japanese noodles. But apparently, eating ramen is a thing of the past since a spa theme park in Hakone, Japan began offering ramen to their guests, not for them to

    OMG!Lyn KellyJuly 8, 2017
  • Abused Owner Abandons Dog at the Airport “Out of Love”

    A Chihuahua named Chewy was found abandoned inside the bathroom of McCarran Airport in Las Vegas but unlike typical stories of cruel owners, he was apparently left in the airport for his own safety. In a report by Fox 11, the puppy’s were found together with a handwritten note from his lady owner. The note

    HOMELyn KellyJuly 7, 2017