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  • Tinder Pulls Dating Prank to See Reactions to Fake Photos

    Men are visual creatures and tend to react sexually when they see a woman who interests them. According to Psychology Today, “Men’s brains are designed to objectify females,” which is why online dating can have a tremendous outcome when both decides to meet. In a social experiment done by dating app Tinder, Sara, the woman looking

    EntertainmentLyn KellyJuly 7, 2017
  • Turbo the German Shepherd Saves Chihuahua Friend From Coyote Attack

    Heroism is clearly seen when people put their lives in danger to save the lives of others. But who would know that animals were also willing to save their own kind. This is exactly what happened to two dogs named Turbo and Pepe in the face of a potentially-deadly coyote attack. Little Pepe, a Chihuahua-Min

    OMG!Lyn KellyJuly 6, 2017
  • These Are the Most Frightening Special Forces in the World

    Special Forces soldiers are not your regular soldiers. The soldiers who become part of these teams are selected to be as intimating as possible in order to carry out the world's toughest, most complicated operations. NATO describes special forces as "military activities conducted by specially designated...forces, manned with selected personnel, using unconventional tactics..." These units definitely go above and beyond the normal military activities. Check out the most frightening special forces from around the world!

    OMG!isabelle GarreaudJuly 6, 2017
  • Find Out What Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters Look Like Off Set

    If you're a fan of the HBO drama Game of Thrones, then you've probably become invested in at least one of the characters on a personal level. You may root for them from one season to the next or anxiously await their inevitable downfall. These actors and actresses put on a great performance for the small screen, but what do they look like when all the makeup is wiped away and the sets cast aside? If you've ever wanted to see what Arya looked like outside the dim lights or what hairstyle Bran sports away from the camera, read on!

    EntertainmentMelina PapadopoulosJuly 5, 2017
  • Puffie the Chow Chow is Wowing the Entire Internet With His Cuteness

    Once in a while something adorable pops up on social media, giving everyone a delight. Meet Puffie, a Chow-Chow pup who feels cuddly like a teddy bear and oozes with cuteness. Born in Chinain February, Puffie was sent to Malaysia as a birthday gift to his new loving owners @cherriepei and @arhka. The new owners

    OMG!Lyn KellyJuly 5, 2017
  • Grandmother in Tears After Seeing Teen’s Graduation Dress

    Grandma Dottie wore a beautiful cream-colored dress to her junior prom almost 60 years ago and she passed it on to her granddaughter Cassie when she was still a little girl. Years later, Cassie wore Grandma Dottie’s special graduation dress to her own high school graduation, leaving her grandmother speechless and teary-eyed. In a YouTube

    OMG!Lyn KellyJuly 5, 2017
  • Michigan Court Says It’s Legal For Cops to Shoot Barking Dogs

    A drug raid turned especially bad after police officers were forced to shoot two barking pit bulls during the course of the operation. This led to lawsuits from dog owners Mark and Cheryl Brown, who said that the dogs simply barking at the law enforcement officers. The couple, who are residents of Battle Creek, Mich., filed

    LifeLyn KellyJuly 4, 2017
  • ISIS Recruiter Sally Jones Desperate To Return to UK, But the Islamic State Denies Her Requests

    Sally Jones, 47, a former punk rock lover and mother of two, who became an Islamic State, or ISIS, recruiter after marrying British jihadist Junaid Hussain is reportedly desperate to go back to UK after her husband was killed by a US-led drone strike in 2015. Jones married the now-dead computer hacker in 2004 and found

    LifeLyn KellyJuly 4, 2017
  • Lost Dogs Come Home After Owners Cook Their Favorite Food

    After being lost for four days, two Miniature Schnauzers named Charlie and Theo found their way home again after their owners began cooking sausages near the location where they both went missing. According to The Telegraph, the dogs, who are actually father and son, got lost in thick fog while the owners’ son, John Hampson,

    OMG!Lyn KellyJuly 2, 2017
  • Man Receives Free Car from Strangers After He’s Spotted Walking Miles to Work

    It all started with a Facebook post by Andy Mitchell sharing his chance encounter with 20-year-old Justin Korva who walks three miles to and from work daily, doing his best to save up so he can buy a car in the future. Mitchell’s post, in part, read: “Meet my friend Justin! I picked this boy up

    OMG!Lyn KellyJuly 2, 2017
  • The Insane Hideouts of History’s Most Notorious Villains

    When a criminal is hated by the law, the public and on the run, there aren't many safe places to go. History's most notorious villains knew this all too well and over the years, have created of many differnet places to evade police, military and sometimes just the public eye. Some were hidden underground or under heavy security while others were "hidden" right out in the open, blending in with their modest surroundings. The idea of villains' lairs sound like something out of a comic book, but it was and still is a real necessity for the most notorious villians. So where exactly did the bad guys go to hide? Read on see some of the most infamous criminal hideouts ever known.

    OMG!Melina PapadopoulosJuly 2, 2017
  • Son Makes Up for Being an ‘Ungrateful Child’ to Mom by Helping Her Accomplish Her Bucket List

    Sian-Pierre Regis is an entrepreneur that had very little appreciation for his mom when he was young. Now that he has grown up, he wanted to set things straight and give back to his mom who dedicated most of her life in raising her children. The opportunity came about when Sian got an unexpected voice-mail from

    EntertainmentLyn KellyJuly 2, 2017