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  • Richard Simmons Sues National Enquirer Over Sex Change Claims

    Fitness guru Richard Simmons seems to be furious over news claiming that he had sex change surgery and is now taking legal action. According to a report on Monday, the sex change rumors were spread by the National Enquirer and Radar Online and said that that Simmons made a “transition from male to female.” According to the lawsuit against

    OMG!Lyn KellyMay 10, 2017
  • Shiva Safai Talks About Her 33-Year Age Gap With Mohamed Hadid and Her Relationship With Gigi and Bella

    Second Wives Club star is the soon-to-be wife of real estate tycoon Mohamed Hadid, the father of supermodel sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid. In an interview with Fox News, the 35-year-old model talked about her relationship with the Hadid family and her decision why she joined E!’s new show, where she and other wives will

    EntertainmentLyn KellyMay 9, 2017
  • Twitter Explodes with Debates Whether France’s Macron or Canada’s Trudeau is the Sexiest Leader

    Twitter exploded with tweets about hottest politicians, particularly newly elected President of France Emmanuel Macron and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, hours after Macron won the presidency. One subscriber, James Harrison @JamesWHarrison, tweeted that “Liberal do have the hottest politicians. Trudeau, Macron, Cashman…” Another is expecting the emergence of a lot of fan fiction about

    EntertainmentLyn KellyMay 8, 2017
  • A Student Challenged Nicki Minaj to Pay for His Tuition and the Rapper Agreed

    All it took was one tweet from a certain CJ @cjybdesign challenging Nicki Minaj to pay for his tuition fee; and she, in turn, opened up her generous wallet and helped fans struggling with college expenses. The feel-good story started when Minaj tweeted to all her international fans that she would pay for their airfare

    OMG!Lyn KellyMay 8, 2017
  • Robert Carradine Admits He’s Suffering from Acute Psychosis

    In a report by TMZ, Robert Carradine admitted that he was in a psychotic state when the car he was driving crashed on a semi-truck head last March 2015, nearly killing himself and his now ex-wife, Edith. The actor, who is known for the movie “Revenge of the Nerds”, revealed that he was suffering from

    OMG!Lyn KellyMay 7, 2017
  • Scott Disick Feels Betrayed Over Kourtney Karadashian’s new, young love interest

    Kourtney Kardashian has clearly left Scott Disick in her past this week and has been flaunting how she’s moving on, with a much younger guy in tow. The Kardashian mother of three may be all bliss but her former partner and father of her three children is not happy, to say the least. According to

    EntertainmentLyn KellyMay 6, 2017
  • Ex-Manager of Alanis Morissette Will Be Imprisoned For Stealing Millions

    Jonathan Todd Schwartz, the former partner at California-based GSO Business Management or who is more popularly known as Alanis Morisette’s former manager, is headed to federal prison after stealing millions from the money of his famous clients. The 48-year old Hollywood accountant has been sentenced Wednesday to six years in prison after being found guilty

    EntertainmentLyn KellyMay 5, 2017
  • Kris Jenner Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker and Former Bodyguard

    Kris Jenner, the infamous Kardashian matriarch, successfully acquired a restraining order against her former bodyguard, Joshua Jacobs, who kept attempting to get near Kris at her home. The court order directs Jacobs not to harass or even contact Kris and to stay 100 yards away from her. Third time is indeed a charm as Joshua

    OMG!Lyn KellyMay 5, 2017
  • Robin Williams Still Has a Final Film That is Coming to the US

    The much-beloved actor-comedian, Robin Williams, who had long since passed on is apparently not yet done with Hollywood. His last movie, Absolutely Anything, will be released in theaters this coming May 12. Well, technically, viewers won’t be seeing Williams on screen but they will be hearing his animated voice through the main character’s dog, Dennis.

    EntertainmentLyn KellyMay 4, 2017
  • Brad Pitt Finally Speaks About How His Family ‘Ripped’ Apart

    “It’s just very, very jarring for the kids, to suddenly have their family ripped apart.” This is one of the many revelations of Hollywood phenom Brad Pitt in an interview with GQ Style’s summer issue after his much-publicized divorce with Angelina Jolie. “Brangelina” – the infamous nickname of the power couple, shocked the world when

    EntertainmentLyn KellyMay 4, 2017
  • Kendall Jenner Revealed Two Things at the Met Gala: Her Behind and Her New Beau

    The Kardashians are known for dresses and gowns that leave nothing to the imagination. All the Kardashian sisters know they have the body and they are unafraid of flaunting it. But the 2017 Met Gala Monday night showed who is the reigning queen of the Kardashian/Jenner family – Kendall Jenner. The 21-year old supermodel wore

    EntertainmentLyn KellyMay 3, 2017
  • Jaden Smith Cut His Dreadlocks, Then Brought It at the Met Gala

    You can describe Jaden Smith’s fashion choices in many words but it will never include the word “boring”. The famous son of Will Smith has long been redefining the meaning of menswear, wearing leopard tights, overalls, and even Cartier rings as hair ties. Jaden Smith made a buzz once again when he showed up at

    EntertainmentLyn KellyMay 3, 2017