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  • 14 Inspirational Photos That Will Make Your Day

    We’ve all had days when we’re feeling down and blue, and sometimes it’s hard to make ourselves feel better. It’s good to find hope from others in times like these.

    LifeCarolyn GuerreroApril 5, 2016
  • Why Being Single Can Actually Be Amazing!

    In this day and age, you’re expected to want to be in a relationship. People are always giving other relationship goals, and it seems like the only way you’re ever supposed to be happy is when you have another person in your life romantically to make you happy. News flash – being single can be

    LifeDana MarvinApril 3, 2016
  • American Eagle Refuses to Airbrush Their Lingerie Models – Even More Body Positivity!

    Revolutionizing the lingerie world American Eagle and their sister company for lingerie Aerie have been in the media quite a lot in the past couple of months. This company is making huge moves with their underwear lines, going the route of body positivity and a realistic body on their models compared to other companies who

    OMG!Dana MarvinApril 3, 2016
  • The Most Tragic Mid-Performance Deaths You Could Ever Imagine!

    You might not realize it, but there’s no way of guaranteeing that every single actor and actress will be completely safe on and off of the set. Although there are things set in place to help their safety, healthy concerns pop up and freak accidents happen that can seriously impact how the show or movie

    EntertainmentDana MarvinApril 2, 2016
  • The Moment When You Give Birth But, Had No Clue You Were Pregnant

    Imagine one night, you are sleeping all nicely in your bed when around 3:30 in the morning, you start feeling like you have the stomach flu. Naturally, you get up to go use the bathroom and all of a sudden, you are straining to make a number two as you sit on the toilet. After a

    OMG!isabelle GarreaudApril 1, 2016
  • This 6 Year Responds Perfectly To Her Parents Being Transexual

    Meet the married couple Shalee Ellis and Mallory of three years from Pennsylvania, parents to their six-year-old daughter Layla. Recently, Mallory has come out publicly (well, on Facebook) that she is a transgendered female. In her open post, she stated “I’m transgender. I’ve only recently uncovered this because it’s been a suppressed thing in my

    Lifeisabelle GarreaudMarch 31, 2016
  • Here’s A Look Back At The Harry Potter Cast How They Look In Each Film

    Oh, Harry Potter. The incredible seven novel series written by the talented and amazing J.K. Rowling was turned into eight films which brought the books to life for the millions of fans obsessed with it. Everything about Harry Potter is incredibly magical, wonderful, and full of fighting, friendship, and life lessons that each character learns

    EntertainmentDana MarvinMarch 31, 2016
  • Improve Your Vision! New Research Says Exercise Can Restore Vision to 20/20

    If you’re anything like me, glasses are a critical part of your life. Personally I can’t see anything except for blobs and blurry pieces of color in front of me after a couple of feet without my glasses or contact lenses on. Although there are plenty of people out there who have perfect 20/20 vision,

    LifeDana MarvinMarch 31, 2016
  • What We Did in 2006 Is Totally Different From What We Are Doing in 2016

    2006 doesn’t seem that far away but let me remind you that was 10 FREAKING YEARS AGO. That’s right, 10 years ago, the oldest 90’s kid was only 16. Kayne West wasn’t pissing people off on Twitter. No one was talking selfies on iPhones yet, considering they didn’t exist. We weren’t forced to listen to

    Entertainmentisabelle GarreaudMarch 30, 2016
  • These Photos Prove That Prince William and Kate Middleton are Still in love

    In April of 2011, the entire world was completely glued to their television sets in order to watch every single detail of the Royal Wedding. On the 29th of April, Westminster Abbey in London, England was taken over by hundreds of people, maybe even thousands, who had come out to the infamous location in order to celebrate the union of Prince William and commoner Catherine "Kate'" Middleton. As William is the eldest son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, the world was incredibly excited to see every single little detail that the television camera men were able to catch on camera and air to the rest of the world.

    OMG!Dana MarvinMarch 30, 2016
  • Talk About a Double Take! These Celebrities Have Twins!

    With celebrities, most of the time we just assume that they're one of a kind. There's no way that there can be someone who looks anything like them or acts anything like them, right? But the truth is, you'd probably be surprised to hear about some of the very famous celebrities who have twin brothers or sisters. While some of them are out in the open and show off their twins, others stay in the background and many people don't even know that they exist! Here are some very surprising celebrities who have twins.

    OMG!Dana MarvinMarch 30, 2016
  • Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Join the SnapChat World

    Everyone knows that these days, the Kardashian and Jenner ladies are basically the queens of the social media worlds, posting on multiple different platforms on a daily basis. They all have accounts on Twitter and Instagram where they post things about their life and sometimes even interact with their fans, with millions of followers on each of the sites they're on. Slowly but surely they've been adding new social media sites to their list, including all five of them each having their own app that anyone can download to view exclusive content about that particular sister. And now, slowly but surely, they are adding SnapChat to that list of social media platforms they are posting on every day.

    EntertainmentDana MarvinMarch 27, 2016