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  • Would You Share a $1m. Lottery Win With Coworkers? This Woman Did

    It’s a classic question that we’ve all dreamt about: What would you do if you won a million dollars? Would you give it away to the people you work with, perhaps? We’ll go out on a limb and guess that your honest answer would be “absolutely not!” The Most Generous Woman In America? Lynn Nelson of Taunton,

    OMG!Jade LaneganAugust 22, 2017
  • Southwest Flight Sings Happy Birthday to 101-Year-Old WWII Vet

    What’s better than being on a flight where no one’s sitting next to you? How about experiencing a moment of unity and pride that you’ll probably never experience again? Flying commercial can be stressful, to say the least. You try to keep your head down and fit into the tight seats as best you can and

    OMG!Will GardnerAugust 22, 2017
  • Man Raises Money So Best Friend With Cancer Can Finally Get Hitched

    In June 2017, Lewis Thomas Davies was out walking with his fianceé Alicia when he collapsed due to a seizure. After being rushed to the hospital, doctors found a lump on his brain. He was admitted for surgery and doctors were able to remove 90% of the tumor. Lewis is a fun-loving, kind, and generous

    LifeWill GardnerAugust 21, 2017
  • Burn Survivor’s Beautiful Voice Is Inspiring Millions — Grab The Tissues

    Most celebrities won’t go out of the house if they aren’t wearing makeup. Singer Kechi Okwuchi, a star on the 2017 season of America’s Got Talent, chooses not to hide anything. She is one of only two survivors of Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145, which crashed at a Nigerian airport in 2005. Even after more than 100

    EntertainmentMichael EvansAugust 21, 2017
  • At 94, He Built a Backyard Pool and Opened It Up to the Entire Neighborhood

    What would you do if you had the time to do what you wanted, the money to make it happen, and a desire to improve your community? For Keith Davison of Morris, Minnesota, the answer was simple: Build a community swimming pool for the neighborhood’s children. It’s made his backyard the place to be in

    OMG!Jade LaneganAugust 21, 2017
  • Cancer Survivor, 52, Enters Tae Kwon Do Contest On A Whim, CRUSHES IT

    Sam Johnston hadn’t competed in Tae Kwon Do for 14 years when he found himself facing off against the defending world champion in the 2017 Senior Master Integration Division at the World Taekwondo Championships in South Korea. At the age of 52, he was seemingly just a shadow of what he once was and even back

    OMG!Will GardnerAugust 21, 2017
  • Teen Solves One Of Earth’s Biggest Ecological Problems After a Vacation

    While vacationing in Greece, 16-year-old Boyan Slat was dismayed to find that he came across more plastic than fish while diving in the Mediterranean. Back home in the Netherlands, he decided to devote a high school project to looking at plastic pollution in the ocean to figure out why it was considered so difficult to

    LifeMichael EvansAugust 21, 2017
  • Football Player Helps Sick Kids; Now They’re Giving Him a Huge Reward

    Justin Juenemann is a member of the University of Minnesota football team but has never actually played a game for the school. That’s because this inspiring young man was making an even bigger impact off of the football field. Always Giving Of Himself To Others The Gopher’s backup kicker has spent a lot of his spare

    SportsMichael EvansAugust 21, 2017
  • Puss In Boots From ‘Shrek’ Has a Real Life Twin and He’s Adorable

    We’ve all seen photos of celebrity lookalikes, but what about cute critters? One computer generated cat actually has a real-life doppelgänger. It’s none other than Puss In Boots from the Shrek series! Orange Fur And Adorably Big Eyes If you’ve watched the 2004 movie Shrek 2, you surely remember Shrek’s cute sidekick, Puss In Boots. If you

    OMG!Michael EvansAugust 20, 2017
  • Customers Run Coffee Shop For a Day While Employees Go to the Beach

    Cafe Buunni in Hudson Heights, New York, recently celebrated its five-year anniversary and their loyal customers figured out an awesome way to give back to their fave coffee shop. How The Idea Came About Sarina Prabasi runs the shop with her husband, Elias Gurmu. When the shop’s anniversary came around, Prabasi wanted to give her staff the

    LifeWill GardnerAugust 20, 2017
  • Man Pulls-Off Amazing Mermaid-Themed Marriage Proposal

    Forty-year-old Eric Martinez had been longing to propose to his 26-year-old girlfriend, Cammy Cuoco for some time but couldn’t get the timing and concept right until he decided to get in touch with Cuoco’s favorite photographer to discuss his wedding proposal plans. “It all started when my fiancée followed Del Sol Photography on Instagram. It’s her favorite

    EntertainmentLyn KellyAugust 18, 2017
  • Bride Decides to Trade Fancy Limo for Scooters on Wedding Day

    After 28-year-old Victoria Faye had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a condition wherein the person experiences chronic pain and fatigue, she knew she wanted something different and unique for her wedding dayThat’s why she decided that the wedding entourage would ride to the wedding on scooters instead of a limo. “I have always been a little bit

    OMG!Lyn KellyAugust 18, 2017