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The Most Common Things People Say Before They Die, According To Nurses

Caring for the terminally ill must be one of the toughest jobs in the world. When you know that each of your patients is going to die, you’re going to have to face up to that reality. That’s exactly what a group of Macmillan nurses did for a new video from the BBC.

One Last Wish

The nurses said that the most common form of communication from those about to die is regarding a final wish.



People want to say goodbye to a person or a pet or maybe just take a few minutes to appreciate a final cup of tea or a biscuit.

Expressions Of Regret

While research has shown that many people face the end in a more positive manner than expected, the nurses say otherwise.


They’ve found that an awful lot of people want to talk about their sadness at the brevity of life. They also noted that many people are sad that they worked hard all their lives only to spend their retirements in ill health and sickness.

In Their Own Words

Louise Massey, one of the nurses, said: “To see the joy on someone’s face when they’re dying when their dogs been in to see them is priceless.”


Another nurse, Carina Lowe shared, “One thing that was said to me quite recently was about the dying process and he [patient] said it wasn’t like the movies and what you see on the TV.”

However, Nurse Jervis wants you to know that while there is sadness and regret at the end that, “I think there is such a thing as a good death and I think communication is key. If there is something that you want to do, go for it.”

You can hear the nurses in their own words in this video, and rest assured their message is a positive one that may offer you or someone you know comfort:

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