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Photos Of The Latest Falcon 9 Rocket Launch That Are Out-Of-This-World Spectacular

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… UFO? In early October, everyone was trying to figure out what caused a spectacular, near-nebular display of light in the skies above California. It wasn’t aliens, by any means. Rather, it was an incredible SpaceX rocket making history!

A Sky Streaked With Light

Earlier this month, citizens of California turned their heads to the sky to witness what many thought could be nothing short of an alien landing. Instead, there was a more practical reason for the spectacular, light-filled display: the launching of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. Though it certainly isn’t SpaceX’s first rodeo, this rocket did make history…with a beautiful view as a perk.


The Success Of SpaceX

SpaceX is no stranger to advancements in astronomy and space travel. The incredible company, started by billionaire Elon Musk, is dedicated to manufacturing aerospace gear and space transportation. Sure, they haven’t established colonies on the moon yet, but they have flown a smooth 17 missions this year alone, nearly surpassing their quota of 18 from 2017. So, out of every launch, what makes Falcon 9 so special?

Trevor Mahlmann

Falcon 9’s Feats Of Science

Falcon 9 has actually already been launched before, from the exact same airbase. This time, its goal was to get the SAOCOM 1A satellite for Argentina’s national space agency, CONAE. This satellite would give them the ability to track environmental factors such as potential rough weather, natural disasters, soil moisture, and more that could affect the goods that power their economy. Pretty cool, right? It gets even more epic.


A Launch That Made Aerospace History

SpaceX has sent plenty of rockets up before. But shortly after launch, Falcon 9 dropped its reusable booster for its first land-based landing. Hence, the gorgeous display of lights in the sky that followed it’s launch. While some people were intimidated by the semi-overwhelming display, most were in awe of the spectacle. That is after the mayor assured them it wasn’t an alien attack!


Stunned Californians: Amazed And Terrified

Many Californians took to social media to share the pictures and videos they snapped of the phenomenal event. Half of the internet was certain they’d seen a UFO, while the other was amazed by the haunting visuals of the Falcon 9. Either way, everyone seemed to agree on one thing: whatever it was, it was beautiful! Hopefully, SpaceX provides us with even more stunning, futuristic views in the future.

David McNew/Stringer/Getty

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