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This Sweet Pitbull With A Deformed Face Finally Found A Forever Home

Getting adopted as a pit bull can be a tough process due to your reputation for being a bit aggressive. And when you’ve got deformities, it can seem nearly impossible to find a forever home. This puppy’s physical features and abusive past questioned the possibility of a good home… until someone decided to alter his destiny!

Woody: A Hyper, Loving, Neglected Pit Bull

This is Woody, a sweet, playful pit bull who’s nearly 9 months old. This kind little pup is much like any other: he loves to run, cuddle, and chase cats! However, Woody has a facial deformity that held him back from getting love and attention for months— and the reason behind it is heartbreaking.

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A Crooked Grin: Woody’s Altered Appearance

While pit bulls are often viewed as a violent breed, poor Woody was attacked himself by another dog shortly after he was born. Due to neglectful owners who refused to take him to get care for his wounds, they healed into a painless deformity. When he was abandoned by his owners, the future looked grim for this pup— until the kindness of a stranger changed his fate!

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Abuse To Safety: The Relief Of Rescue

Rather than getting sent to a pound to be once again neglected, Woody was picked up by Courtney Bellew with Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation (SNARR). Despite his abusive past and deformed jaw, Bellew found that he was bright and affectionate like any other puppy, even acting younger than his age! However, there were a few challenges still in place.

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Learning His Manners: No Struggles With Cuddles

Woody wasn’t well mannered and it took a bit of time to get him into a foster home. Still, once he moved in with a foster family, his sweet and affectionate nature made up for any lack of direction! While that family was unable to hold onto Woody long-term, Bellew set her sights on finding a home for him by Christmas. She anxiously hoped that a forever family would step into the picture!

S.N.A.R.R. Animal Rescue/Facebook

Woody’s Miracle: Finding His Forever Home

Despite concerns that Woody’s appearance might hold him back from being adopted, numerous applications hit Bellew’s desk inquiring about adopting the sweet pit. In a near-miracle, Woody got placed with the perfect family on Christmas Eve! His new family lavishes plenty of attention on him and are hopefully enjoying his loving personality and playful energy!


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