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4-Year-Old Girl Donates Piggy Bank to Help Police Officer With Cancer

4-year-old Sidney Fahrenbruch from Colorado, is being praised by netizens for her generous act. Fahrenbruch helped police officer Kyle Zulauf by donating the money she collected from her piggy bank. The police officer has been battling pancreatic cancer and needs to raise money for his operations.

piggy bank

Prairie Mountain Publishing

Fahrenbruch is not only being generous by donating her hard earned savings, but she is also returning a favor that police officers once did for her. Earlier this year, she called the police department to request a check to see if they have monsters in the house. That story has spread across the internet like wildfire.

Officer Zulauf is an Army veteran and father of three children. His diagnosis came about a year and a half ago and he has been raising money to pay for his additional surgeries since then.

piggy bank

Matthew Jonas / Longmont Times-Call

According to Sidney’s mother, Megan Fahrenbruch, the little girl has long been fascinated by police officers. Fahrenbruch said her daughter visits the local police station once a week so she can give the police officers some sweets and cookies.

The proud mom said: “It all started about two years ago when she saw an officer directing traffic. It was hot outside and she said, ‘He looks thirsty; he needs water,’ and she brought him a bottle of water.”

piggy bank

Lewis Geyer/Staff Photographer

Fahrenbruch learned of the officer’s need for help when she was visiting one day. The little girl saw a poster outside the station seeking help to raise funds for Officer Zulauf. She immediately asked her mom if she could donate the contents of her piggy bank, which was full of change and about $9 worth of bills.

Megan added: “It feels good that she’s so giving. She wanted to save the money for a toy but decided someone needed it more than her.” The Longmont Police Department is reaching out to people who would like to help Officer Kyle Zulauf.

piggy bank

Lewis Geyer/Staff Photographer

In her own little way, Sidney is one exemplary girl who answered a call for help. If you want to help Officer Zulauf, simply visit the Longmont Police Department’s Facebook page.

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