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Couple Goes to Prom Wearing Outfits Made Entirely of Duct Tape

Inspired by the creation of the previous winner of the Duck Tape’s annual Duck brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest, 19-year-old Emily O’Gara took serious time and effort to create a dress and a matching suit for her date Ethan Weber using duct tape, which all ended well as the couple bagged the contest’s $10,000 college scholarship prize.

duct tape

Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholar

“My mom and my little sisters helped put stuff together. We were all putting flowers on the shoes and flowers on the dress, all working together,” O’Gara shared with the Inside Edition.

Designing the prom dress and suit was tough enough but working with 25 X-Acto knives and 20 rolls of sticky duct tape to put everything together and make the vision a reality was undoubtedly much harder.

“It was a lot of piece work with the dress over the couple of months and the day before prom just working on his suit,” said O’Gara.

duct tape

Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest

All the sacrifices, fortunately, paid off as they did not only won the contest, hands down, but everyone in the prom was astounded on how good the final outfits looked.

O’Gara shared: “They were wowed. My guidance counselor came over and was like, ‘Is this tape? I can’t believe it!’ They were impressed.”

The outfits may have looked stunning on pictures but sadly, the 19-year-old shared that wearing them while moving was extremely difficult since “It was so sticky. It was so hot. It was a heavy dress. It was a lot of trying to figure out how to walk without stepping on it and taking off the bottom layer of the duct tape. And [Ethan] couldn’t bend his knee at all in the suit. So, it was uncomfortable but it was worth it.”

duct tape

Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest

As regards the $10,000 cash prize, O’Gara shared that she plans on using it to enroll at the College of St. Benedict in Minnesota this coming fall.

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