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This Precious Pup Was Once Ditched For Being ‘Too Big,’ Now He’s A Huge Star

How could you possibly abandon this absolutely precious pup just on account of his size? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to poor Bertram. But thankfully, he was rescued into a life of art, adventure, and travel! Now, Bertram is one of Instagram’s biggest dog stars– and he’s taking New York City by storm!

Sweet, Bear-Faced Bertram

You only have to take one look at little Bertram to fall in love with his sweet face! The pup’s most adored feature is that he resembles a bear cub, which has earned him plenty of cuteness points online. However, Bertram wasn’t always the star he is today. In fact, at the start of his life, this cutie pie was sadly unwanted.


A Doggone Rough Beginning

Bertram came into the world under the care of a breeder, but he wasn’t sold off like the rest of his siblings. Rather than finding a loving family to adopt him, his breeder deemed him “too big” and dumped him at a shelter. Luckily, he wasn’t abandoned for long. Kathy Grayson, an artist based out of New York, fell in love with Bertram and flew him to the Big Apple to kick off a lavish new life.


Rocking Bertram’s Big-City Life

As soon as Bertram hit the streets of New York, the sassy and adorable Pomeranian quickly took over the city. Due to Kathy owning an art gallery, Bertram began to attend gallery showings and immediately won the hearts of fellow artists. Still, his public involvement didn’t end in the art world. The pup is now confident in nearly any environment he’s in, especially when he’s the center of attention. Kathy soon realized the canine needed a bigger platform to share his precious life on.


Bertram’s Brilliant Adventures

Now, Bertram has an Instagram account to keep track of all of his fantastic adventures. With over 180,000 followers, Bertram shares his adventures in the Big Apple and across the country. You can catch him admiring art, playing in the park, shopping in his local grocery, and more. No one can get enough of the prestigious, well-dressed pup – and he’s certainly a fan of the attention.


His Hilariously Human Personality

Bertram is a pro at posing for pictures, mingling at art galleries, and stopping for photos with his many, many fans! The little guy is skilled at looking sharp and seemingly knows just how adorable he truly is. How could anyone ever have tossed aside such a well-behaved, sweet-faced canine?


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