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Courageous Quadruple Amputee Walks Down The Aisle To Marry Her Groom – And We’re In Tears

A happy couple was at the beginning stages of their relationship, falling more and more in love each day. They believed that, one day, they would get married and enjoy the rest of their lives together. That’s when life threw them a major health challenge that would truly test their commitment.

Finding Lasting Love

Frank Bordoy and Amanda Flores first met in 2013 at a bar and restaurant in Alexandria, VA. When they got to talking, they discovered that they had things in common. The two were of Hispanic descent, liked to cook, and had pretty much the same sense of humor. They were also both divorced and had two kids each.


Discovering their similarities, Frank and Amanda began dating, and their relationship moved pretty quickly. By the next year, the two were living together, along with Amanda’s sons TJ and Andy, while Frank’s children, Francisco and Adalena stayed with their mother in Connecticut.  “It was a whole adjustment merging our families together, but everything was going really well,” Amanda shared in an interview. She and Frank were happily in love and building a life together. But then things took a sudden turn.

An Intense Health Battle

In late 2014, Amanda came down with what she thought was the flu. However, when her symptoms continued in spite of medication, she and Frank knew something was seriously wrong. On Christmas Eve, Amanda was swiftly taken to the hospital, where she slipped into a coma for two months. It turned out that she had undiagnosed strep throat, which led to sepsis. Her organs began shutting down, and she lost the blood flow to her limbs.

Facebook / Amanda Flores Bordoy

Doctors eventually amputated both of her legs and her arms. They doubted that she would survive, but worked wholeheartedly to save her. All the while, Frank was by her side. Regardless of her health issues, he knew that she was the one.  When Amanda finally regained consciousness in February 2015, Frank proposed. Amanda immediately said yes, but there was a catch.

The Walk To Forever

Amanda told Frank that she was only going to marry him if she could walk down the aisle. That catch gave her the motivation to walk again. “The likelihood of me truly walking independently again was pretty slim because very few people have what it takes,” she admitted. It definitely wasn’t easy. She not only was fighting to learn to walk again, but she also was battling severe depression. However, she learned to walk again using prosthetic legs, along with using prosthetic arms in a year.

CreditLawrence Jackson / The New York Times

Sticking to her word, she walked down the aisle to marry Frank on August 11, 2018. The couple even danced together at their reception, swaying to John Legend’s “All of Me” for their first dance. It was a momentous occasion for the couple as they not only celebrated their marriage, but also Amanda’s health. And now, they look forward to spending the rest of their lives together, truly ready to face whatever may come.

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