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Ready to Book That Summer Trip? Here Are Tips to Booking a Cheap Flight!

Summer is quickly approaching, and with every passing day it’s becoming more and more expensive for people to book themselves a great vacation. Though many people think that you have to book a vacation months or even a full year in advance to get the best spots and the best deals, that just isn’t true all of the time. There are some awesome tips and tricks out there to get yourself an awesome flight to anywhere in the world without completely draining your bank account in order to do it!

7. Try mixing and matching your flights

Most of the time, people look for one flight with one airline, or at least the same airline with a couple of layovers or so to get to your ultimate destination. But the truth is you might be a lot better off taking one flight to one destination, then switching airlines to get to your final one. You also might want to look and see if you can find a cheaper flight from a different destination to where you really want to go, and maybe you can get a cheap flight from your starting point to the middle point before you can officially start your vacation.

6. If your flight goes on sale, get your refund!

Now a lot of people know this, but if you purchase plane tickets and then they go on sale after you already purchased them, you can go get your refund for that sale price! Use the website Yapta to put in your flight information, and the site will tell you if your flight ever went on sale and if you can get yourself a refund. Airlines like Alaska, Jet Blue, Virgin America, and US Airways are just some of the great airlines that will honor the sale price and give you your money back, usually in a voucher to get more plane tickets somewhere else.

5. Price drop alerts are your best friend!

There are specific websites developed by geniuses that will send you email alerts whenever there are price drops in the flights that you want! Check out sites like Airfare Watchdog and CheapAir, and you can sign up for their email services. Basically you just let them know where you want to go, and any time there is a cheap flight available for that destination when you’re looking to travel there, you’ll get alerted to it. That way you’ll be able to get your hands on those tickets before anyone else does!

4. Smaller airlines sometimes means smaller prices

Although a lot of people feel more comfortable using a big name airlines when they are flying somewhere, you’re probably going to end up paying for that name brand. Instead you can take an airline that might not be super wellknown, but still just as good as Jet Blue or American Airlines when it comes to their travel. Plus they’re probably going to give you better deals that those popular companies will because they really want more people to fly with them.

3. Clear the Cookies on your computer

If you don’t already know, cookies on a computer basically just keeps bits of information about basically everything that you post online. So if you’ve been looking online a lot for flights, your computer will save that and know you’re in demand for those particular flight tickets. The more in demand something is, the more the price will be hiked up so that the airline can make more money. If you completely erase all of your cookies on your computer before you go looking for these flights, chances are you’ll be able to find a way cheaper flight price!

2. Book online, not over the phone

I know there are some people who are a little skeptical about paying for things on the internet and putting their personal and credit card information online, but it will save you so much money this way. Unfortunately if you’re going to purchase your flights over the phone, you will probably be charged a hefty fee just because there is another person on the other end of the phone who is doing all of the world for you.

1. Use coupons!

These days, you can basically use coupons for everything and anything! Taking the time to look for a good coupon on different websites, or simply just by googling what you want in a coupon, is definitely worth your time and money. Also, if you have an account with eBates, you can earn cash back from certain airlines nad companies that sell airline tickets just by going through their site! That way you can have some extra shopping money for your awesome summer trip!

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