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Russian Claims He Was Sent From Mars To Save Humanity

Earthlings have long theorized there is life on distant planets in faraway galaxies. A young Russian man claims life exists within our own solar system on Mars. Ever since he could talk, Boriska Kipriyanovich claims to have visited the Red Planet in a previous life. His vivid descriptions of the Martians and their relation to our planet has people turning heads. And he has a message for us. But you’ll have to read on to find out what it is!

As a Young Martian Boy

When Boriska Kipriyanovich was born in 1996, his parents knew he was special. Within a few weeks, he was able to hold his head up. He became more advanced after a couple of months.

Out-Of-This-World Abilities

Boriska was speaking after only a few months from birth. By age two, he read, wrote, and discussed alien civilizations and his knowledge of outer space.

Earth’s Inevitable Fate?


He also says there are more “indigo children” like him charged with the mission to save humanity on Earth from annihilation. He has described his prior life in full detail since he could talk.

Martian On Earth

The Sun

For nearly 20 years, he has confused experts with his fascinating stories. As a young boy, he claimed to have lived on Mars before he was born here on Earth.

The Last Martian War

According to its ancient history, Mars became “war-ravaged” and suffered from a nuclear disaster. His detailed description of the Martians themselves is beyond eerie.

What Are Martians Like?

Kipriyanovich says the Martians measured seven feet in height. Due to the nuclear catastrophe, they live under the surface of the Red Planet and breathe carbon dioxide.

Technologically Advanced

The beings are immortal and cease aging at 35-years-old. Must be nice to be a Martian. Either way, they’ve had plenty of time to develop technologically. Boriska goes on to say Martians are quite advanced. Over the years, they have developed the capability of interstellar travel. And they have definitely been to Earth.

The Egyptian Connection

Boriska also says the Martians were able to make a direct connection with the Ancient Egyptian civilizations. He confirmed long-held beliefs from shows like Ancient Aliens, and we will soon bear witness.

The Sphinx Holds The Key

Wikimedia Commons

According to the young man, life on Earth will become drastically altered. The Great Sphinx at Giza will become “unlocked” once we discover an “opening mechanism” behind the giant sculpture’s ear.

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