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Woman Born With A Severe Facial Deformity Finally Gets Her Happily Ever After, And We’re So Inspired

Many people struggle with how other people see them during their lives. So imagine how much harder it must be when you are born with a deformity that makes people point, stare and say unkind things about you all the time.

Meet Cody Hall

Coody Hall was born with a birthmark of epic proportions. It was so incredibly severe that it completely distorted the left-hand side of her face.


As you can imagine, her parents were somewhat distressed. They were even more distressed to learn that she couldn’t have surgery until she was one. Sadly, this would only be the beginning of Cody’s struggles for a normal life.

No Quick Fix For Cody

We should all be grateful for the improvements in medicine over the last few decades, but it’s important to recognize that there are no miracles, either.


Cody would require 18 operations over a period of 14 years to restore her face. For her first operation, there was no surgeon in the UK capable of carrying out the work – so the family raised nearly $300,000 (£230,000) to send her to New York for treatment at the age of one.

Cody has undergone a lot of surgical procedures to date, including facelifts, eye surgery, skin grafts, liposuction, laser treatment and more.

Children Can Be Cruel

Not only did Cody have to endure a lot of surgery, but she also had to deal with local children who were cruel and regularly taunted her on sight. Eventually, she says they stopped and began to engage with her more civilly.


The Happy Ending

But the best news of all is when her surgery was finally over, she met Lewis Holt and they began dating.

They recently tied the knot at St. Michaels Church in Great Oakley, Northamptonshire after eight years of dating.

Cody is now sharing her story and  she says, “I just want to show people that there is a happy ending.”

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