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Actress Kristen Bell Shares a Surprisingly Simple Car Safety Trick for Parents

Actress Kristen Bell has taken to Instagram to show her followers a bit of her life as a mother of two. The actress shared a photo of a car safety trick she does with her her daughters to make sure they are safe while on the road.


Kristen Bell's car safety tip

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Bell and her husband, Dax Shapard, have two daughters together. The trick she uses is to play a game with her daughters in order for them to stay out of harm’s way– playing a game of “hands on the circle” when they exit the car, to avoid being hit from oncoming traffic.

Apparently, despite Bell’s busy schedule as a successful actress, she also happens to make use of regular parenting tricks and life hacks to keep her kids safe.

The award-winning actress got over 150,000 likes for her post of less than a week.

Many thanks poured in, as one commenter said: “This legit works! My 3 year old did it and although she kept questioning why she kept her hand on the circle! Thank you for sharing!”

Others were thrilled to share that they’ve been doing the same car safety trick but in a slightly different way: “I do the same thing!! Except mine is a square!”

car safety

Parke Avenue

While one fan reveals that the trick is nothing new in Australia, wherein it’s called a safe spot and comes with a sticker, another fan concludes: “I’ve been doing this for years with three boys. They all like to take off in different directions. Hopefully more people are doing this now that you’re making it famous.”

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