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The Way You Sleep Can Seriously Affect Your Health

Everyone has their favorite position to sleep in. Whether it’s on your back or your belly, we all look for comfort while sleeping. But did you know that the way you sleep could actually be harming your health? Here are some tips and tricks to sleep in your favorite position and promote whole-body health.

Surprising Medical Advice

Some doctors claim that the position you like best and find the most comfortable might be causing the most problems for your health. They say that there are small adjustments you can make so that your favorite sleeping position isn’t compromised. Specialists have found the best way to sleep on your back, belly, and side.

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The Side Sleepers

Scientists have found that fluid flows through our body and gets rid of toxins better if you sleep on your side. It could even reduce the chance of getting Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. In order to make this position healthy and comfortable, it is important to add a pillow between your legs. This will reduce pressure on your joints and allow better circulation.

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The Back Sleepers

Doctors say this is the best position to sleep in if you have joint or spine problems. It also helps prevent heartburn and wrinkles. If this is your position of choice, add a small pillow under your neck to support your spine. Also, put a flat pillow under your knees to support your legs. This will help align your body and prevent any sinus issues.


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The Stomach Sleepers

Japanese researchers have found that those who sleep face down have reduced snoring and improved blood pressure and digestion. The best way to sleep in this position is to place a small pillow under your pelvis to reduce pressure on your lower back. You also want to limit the amount of bending in your legs and spine.

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The Fetal Sleepers

For those of you who sleep in the fetal position, you are limiting your diaphragmatic breathing and reducing snoring. But, you may be negatively affecting your back. Make sure you are straightening your back and keeping your chest open. Place one pillow under your elbow and another between your legs. This will help align your spine and neck, but also allow easier breathing.

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