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The Way You Sleep Can Affect Your Health

Sleep is a natural thing, but we often don’t give very much thought to how we sleep. Turns out, your sleeping position can actually be harmful to our health. You spend one-third of your life asleep, and that means it’s time to pay just a bit more attention to how we’re positioned while we recharge our batteries.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain

Sleeping on your belly can cause lower pack bain. It’s also possible that you might strain your neck in this position too. Most of us find it difficult to get comfortable in this position, but if it’s your go-to, it’s time to try something else.


To make matters worse it’s also possible to cause yourself lower back pain by sleeping on your back. This sleeping method often makes your snoring worse, too.

Two Popular Sleep Patterns

“The soldier” is how one in 12 people sleep. They lay on their back with their arms straight by their sides. It’s easy to be comfortable in this position.


“Spooning” requires that you have a sleep partner (or a big pillow), but it is great for reducing stress because cuddling releases the anti-stress hormone oxytocin.

The Best Sleeping Positions

“The Starfish,” laying on your back with your hands and legs spread out in a star pattern, can reduce acid reflux and mitigates the damage that can be done to the spine and neck from laying on your back.

My Family Fever

“Sideways” is the best position if you snore a lot. Though if snoring is a persistent problem, it’s worth getting treatment for sleep apnea which may lead to both heart disease and high blood pressure. Putting a pillow between the legs is the best way to take pressure off your back during the night and reduce lower back pain.

Finally, pregnant ladies should always sleep on their left side because this clears the path for nutrients and blood to flow unimpeded to your unborn baby. So, give your health a boost today and pick a better way to sleep.

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