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Sometimes Teenagers Don’t Suck

Remember when we were younger and thought teenagers were so cool? When we couldn’t wait to be older like them? Then when we actually enter teenagehood, we realized how horrible it was and wished we could be a kid again? Basically, when we were our cliché teenage self, we hated everyone else our age except for a few selected friends because everyone else was just stupid and annoying. After we became an adult we would look at teenagers and shake our head so hard. Like why do they have to be so messed up? and dumb? and utterly troublesome? Yet, there is still a few teenagers out there they know how to handle their hormones correctly and won’t mess up their lives doing stupid shit.
Sometimes, though, teenagers don’t suck and will grow to be cool adults. Sometimes they are really sweet and make you laugh. These are the teenagers I wish I knew back when I was growing up!

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