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Square Dancing Grannies in China Credit With Spurring Latest Tech Boom

China has a new fad sweeping the nation and unlike in some countries where the young are the trendsetters, this one is all thinks to the senior ladies out there. At the moment, square dancing has become immensely popular in the country with around 100 million people taking part in the very American hobby.

square dancing

China News

While retired women in their 60s and 70s are commonly left behind in terms of technological advancement in the past, these women’s passion for square dancing has made them consumers of all sorts of technology related to square dancing, including gadgets, applications, and accessories.

According to a report by the Mirror, the square-dancing grannies are said to be spending at least $3 million on loudspeakers and square-dancing costumes alone.

The older generation is quite passionate about their hobby that they do not mind spending their pensions on any item that will complement and boost their dancing.

square dancing

China News

Companies and manufacturers are taking notice of the strong market potential of square dancing grannies, especially that they are continuously launching products that will cater to their needs such as tablets that are easy to use so that technology-challenged people, especially those of the older generation, would be able to use them.

Because of square dancing, grannies are also into using the Tangdou Square Dance app, which is dubbed as the “Tinder of square dancing”. This app connects dancing grannies who live in similar areas and provide a venue for people to share their passion for square dancing with others.

In an interview with Zhang Yuan, Tangdou’s CEO, he mentioned that the success of Tangdou app can be credited to the deep obsession of elderly women with dancing and China’s explosion in smartphone usage.

square dancing

Huffington Post

Yuan concluded: “Square dancing is no longer just a way to keep fit. It’s now a lifestyle where you can find a sense of belonging. There is a saying among square dancers: ‘If you dance fast enough, the loneliness will not catch up’.”

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