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It Took Hours To Groom This Stray Dog with Matted Fur But Wow

Our pets become part of the family. It’s almost impossible to believe that someone would abandon their loving pooch, but stray dogs run the streets in major cities such as Los Angeles, California quite often. One dog was seen roaming a neighborhood of L.A. for years, but once an animal rescue team was able to groom his matted fur he looked like a completely different canine. A few hours of shaving changed this dog’s life — in every way possible!

One Pup Was In Need Of Major Help

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An animal rescue organization named Hope For Paws was called to investigate a dog that had been seen roaming the streets for years. Once they spotted the pup, it was obvious that he was in severe need of medical assistance.

He Had No Intentions Of Being Caught

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He immediately started to run from the Hope For Paws staff, until they were able to corner him in a nearby neighbor’s yard. This fight was far from over!

This Dog Had Obviously Been Abused By Humans In The Past

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The pup was very hostile towards rescuers, especially when he was first caught on a leash by Hope For Paws. After a few moments of wrestling and fighting their help, the dog started to calm down by being pet. The next process would be much more time-consuming.

This Dog’s Matted Fur Was Infested With Mites

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Shaving this dog’s fur was only the tip of the iceberg. He had severe skin damage underneath years of neglected fur, and he had to undergo treatment immediately.

His Flea Problem Was Out Of Control

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Underneath his fur was years of damage, and the fleas had pretty much taken over his entire body. Hope For Paws worked hard to nurse this pup back to health, and the result is nothing short of miraculous.

A Much-Needed Bath Was In Order For This Canine

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A bath was the last step of this dog’s unbelievable makeover. Hope For Paws now had to take on the daunting task of building the pup’s trust around humans, and one woman went above and beyond.

One Rescue Worker Worked With The Pup Endlessly

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A staff member named Lisa Chiarelli worked with the dog intensively to help build his trust when it comes to humans. Forever over a week, he remained isolated, but then he began to open up and come out of his shell.

He Received A Name And A New Outlook

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The pup was affectionately named Benji, and he started to interact with rescuer Lisa Chiarelli and her other dogs. It’s almost impossible to believe this is the same pup — and he was soon to receive some amazing news!

Benji Has Found His Forever Home

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A family has come along that can provide all the love, attention, and care that Benji needs. It’s been quite the journey for this little pup, but he finally has everything he deserves in life. He has one group of people to thank in particular.

Animal Rescue Groups Are Truly Saving Animal Lives

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Benji’s epic transformation is just one example of the work of Hope For Paws. With the help of rescue organizations everywhere, dogs can have a fresh start and receive the love they undoubtedly deserve!

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