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What The #@$%?! Swearing Can Positively Impact Your Health — Here’s How

Curse words — those four-letter sentence enhancers you wouldn’t dare utter in front of grandma. As young children, we are taught that swearing should be avoided at all costs — and it always got us into some sort of trouble. Though certainly colorful, swearing is frowned upon and considered impolite in our culture. But research has shown that swear words may actually be good for you in more ways than one.

A Big Part Of Our Vocabulary

Letting a swear slip here and there is more common than you think. According to a psychological scientist named Timothy Jay, swear words make up around 1% of our vocabulary on a daily basis.

The Odyssey Online

Being a potty mouth may get you in trouble from time to time, but research shows it may also boost your health. Who would have known curse words could be so beneficial?

Swearing Works As A Pain Reliever?

There’s a reason curse words are the first thing to leave your mouth when you unexpectedly stub your toe or hit your funny bone. A study from Keele University in the U.K. revealed that swearing helps us deal with pain.

Harvard Health

“The words themselves don’t help us to better tolerate pain — but the emotional and physical reaction that we have by saying the words triggers the fight or flight response, which then gives us that burst of energy to make it through the difficult or painful task,” stated Amy Cooper Hakim, Ph.D. Swearing can also help you de-stress, especially when you are angry or frustrated. “By using words that are not welcomed or appropriate in most settings (professional, family, social) it can be very liberating to throw caution to the wind and curse,” revealed Laura MacLeod, LMSW.

Fitness Fuel

Looking to get physically fit? Cursing out loud may help you push through a difficult workout. One study found exercise participants that cursed saw a 2-4% increase in overall performance and a whopping 8% increase in strength. Curse word HIIT anyone?

Muscle & Strength

Swearing can even boost your social life, experts claim. “Cursing in a positive scenario makes us come across as honest, authentic and assertive because swearing is such a raw form of expression,” stated Amy Deacon, a clinical therapist. Is it a good idea to let a few swears out at your next business meeting? Probably not — but it’s good to know that this bad habit may have some serious benefits after all.

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