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Teen Inspires Community to Renovate Homes for the Homeless

Caleb White was only six years old when he saw a homeless person for the first time and the sight so greatly impacted his young heart that he knew he had to do something. With the help of his family, young Caleb packed clothes, toiletries, and other basic supplies and started giving them out to homeless people.

homeless people


“I packed clothes and different supplies like toiletries to help them get through the winter months outside,” Caleb, who is now 15, told Inside Edition. “I went to downtown Detroit with my 10 boxes and handed them out.”

Caleb may have started with merely 10 care packages but his mission to improve the lives of homeless people has continuously grown to the point that this year, the teenager, through his non-profit organization, The Caleb White Project, was able to fulfill his lifelong goal of giving homeless families their own homes.

homeless people

Caleb White/Twitter

“I always had that dream and it’s actually just happened. It’s great,” Caleb remarked.

The Caleb White Project partnered with the Detroit Rescue Mission and the Lowe’s Heroes program in August and recently finished renovating a duplex that will shelter two homeless families.

The families were ecstatic when they finally received the keys to their homes and Caleb was just as happy.

“When they went in and we actually got to take them through the houses, they were just shocked; it was a really cool thing to see. They kind of melted down. They were beyond happy,” Caleb said.

homeless people


While it is easy for the teen to finally slow down and enjoy being a kid after everything he has done, Caleb shared that he has set another goal to help more people, particularly the youth.

“Our next big thing we’re going to do is open a youth leadership center in one of the buildings owned by the Detroit Rescue Mission,” Caleb shared. “Younger kids from our volunteer list will be able to come down if they want to start a club or teach a class, they can do that. And we’re going to bring the kids in from the shelters to do these things.”

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