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Terry Crews Responds to Girl After Bank Requests Permission to Use Photo

When Darrel Kennedy wanted Terry Crews’ photo on her new platinum debit card, Wells Fargo, the bank she applied for, required her to ask for the superstar’s permission. Not backing down, she immediately took social media and asked for help from netizens.


Darrel Kennedy/Twitter

Using her Twitter account, the girl who wanted to be wise about her expenses posted: “They rejected my request because they said I needed written approval from @terrycrews. Can y’ all RT or tag him so a girl can save more.”

Kennedy’s post was instantly picked up by the Old Spice model and football superstar. His reply to her request would make you think that he is more than just a television icon. He replied with, “I approve. Signed, Terry Crews.”

Look featured an article about the best method the superstar found on how he can save money. He uses a printed photograph of his stern face to stop himself from splurging and compulsive buying.


Terry Crews/Twitter

He even posted the picture on his Instagram account with a caption saying, “I keep this pic of myself in my wallet so I can see it when I’m about to waste money on things I don’t need.”

Kennedy kept everyone at the edge by retweeting that she was on the phone with a bank representative and posting, “Let’s see what their next move is…”

Terry Crews on the other hand was still actively retweeting even sending an emoticon of a finger crossed. Ultimately, since the bank’s request was accomplished, her new card design was approved.

She retweeted and updated netizens stating, “They’ve expedited the case and are sending it to @WellsFargo HQ to get it approved. Should have it in my hands in the next two weeks.”


Darrel Kennedy/Twitter

The series of tweets were instantly picked up by netizens and it made the Internet a little more interesting for a while.

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