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We Do These Things Constantly, Even Though They’re All ILLEGAL

We manage to do a plethora of things every single day without even actually thinking about the legality of our actions. When we actually take a minute, we realize that some things can lead us to trouble.

Don’t believe us? Well, we’re going to run down 10 things we do all the time that are actually illegal.


Connecting To The Web

HBO Films

Many people tend to not put a password on their Wi-Fi when they’re out. Using someone else’s connection without permission can lead to a $400 fine.


Mister, Won’t You Sell Me A Fake ID

Columbia Pictures

Millions of people try to be sneaky and use fake IDs in certain situations. If caught, one may face some time in prison or pay a small fine. Just wait until you turn 21 if you want to go bar hopping.


Lost In The Supermarket

Sundance TV

We’ve all nibbled on a grape or two while shopping at the supermarket. Well, it’s considered shoplifting, and it can lead to a misdemeanor charge on your record.


Been Caught Stealing

Rich Fury

You might think that Katy Perry photo on your blog looks cool, but there can be trouble headed your way. Many bloggers have been sued for using images without permission.


Sharing Isn’t Caring

United Artists

Not only is sharing passwords illegal, it can also¬†jeopardize your entire online presence. You can easily get hacked if you use the same password for things such as social media and email. We’re just hoping you’re not using “1234.”


The Dark Side Of Social Media

Resolution Media

Surprisingly enough, using social media under the age of 13 is considered illegal. This is mostly done to prevent any unwanted interactions with creeps on the web.


It Can Wait

News Journal

Texting while driving is a major problem on the road. Laws and fines vary from each state. Montana and Texas are the only two states without any sort of laws banning this behavior.


Sneaky Streamer


Streaming that new episode of The Walking Dead outside of legal services can lead to major penalties. People running illegal streams can face several years in jail and pay a hefty fine to distributors.


The World’s Online Marketplace

Luke Sharrett

Selling things on eBay is great. Just be sure to declare your income when you use their service. Failure to do so will have the IRS knocking on your door.


Don’t Download This Song

Universal Pictures

Illegal downloading hurts both entertainment and music industries. Those caught downloading from torrents can face up to five years in jail. If $10 for an album is too much for thieves, a possible $150,000 fine per downloaded file would wake them up.

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