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20 Things Cat Owners Have To Deal With

If you have never had a cat before or are thinking of getting one, there are a lot of things you should know. It may seem like a clear cut thing where you just have a furry animal around the house that you can cuddle with and all you have to do is feed them, but boy will you find out how wrong that is. Cat owners have to deal with so much more than dog owners because cats literally do not give a damn about anything. These pets will definitely be keeping you on your toes but one thing for sure, you definitely won’t regret getting one!

1.  Always panicking because you can’t find your cat

cat owner

Twitter: @emzgalz

Cats just love scaring the sh*t out of us by hiding in somewhere way out of sight. I bet they just ignore our calls for them thinking it is funny to watch us panic!

2. Giving up on having nice things

cat owner

In the beginning, cat owners may try to prevent their cats from ruining their furniture, but it is a game they always lose. Our couches are forever used as scratching posts!

3. Calling your cat anything but their actual name

cat owner

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

Sure, we might go to great lengths to come up with the perfect name for our new pet, but chances are we will hardly use it. To be fair, our cats probably have lovely names for us too.

4. Never needing an alarm clock

cat owner

Oh, you had a long day at work and want to spend the next 8 hours sleeping? Well, too bad because your cat wants to be entertained at 3am.

5. Wasting money on things your cat never uses

cat owner

You know what my favorite part of being a cat owner? Shelling out $50 on a nice cat tree or toy, just to have my cat be more interested in the box it came in. By the way, don’t even bother buying a scratching post because they will never use it when you have a good couch instead.

6. So much violence

cat owner

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You will be constantly having to explain to people why you have a whole bunch of scratches and bite marks all over. Yet, people won’t people your “innocent” adorable cat did it!

7. Always sharing electronics

cat owner

Twitter: @xnailbunnyx

I’m sorry, professor, I couldn’t write my paper last night because my cat kept trying to sit on my keyboard. Between the TV and the computer, you can never use it alone!

8. Having to hide your toes at all times

cat owner

I don’t know why cats are so fascinated with toes but I hope you have enough callous that you won’t feel their “love” bites! If you think keeping your toes underneath of a blanket will protect you, you are in for a surprise.

9. Not being able to move when your cat is sleeping on you

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As annoying as your cat is, you still wouldn’t dare move them off of your lap if they fell asleep on it because they’re so effing adorable that way. Best you just hold your pee and not move until your cat wakes up.

10. No such thing as personal space

cat owner

Cats could literally not care less about personal space so be ready to have your bubble invaded! It doesn’t matter if you are on the toilet or trying to eat, they will be on top of you.

11. Having to play keep away every time you eat

cat owner

Speaking of eating, literally everytime you have something edible/drinkable in front of you, you will have to stop prying hands from touching it. Like why do cats have to touch everything!

12. Forever cleaning up cat litter

cat owner

Instagram: @salem_slalem_solomon

No matter what type of kitty litter box you box, your cat will find a way to make a huge mess. Cat owners become the master of cleaning kitty litter!

13. Showing your cat what they look like in a mirror

cat owner

Twitter: @Keems868

Considering how obsessed humans are with looking at themselves in the mirror, it should be no surprise that cat owners (and basically all pet owners) love showing their furry friend what they look like!

14. Keeping old boxes for your cat to play in

cat owner

You know how you can tell if someone has a cat? They have random empty boxes scattered around their home. We never throw away our delivery boxes!

15. Always wondering if your cat will murder you

cat owner

Twitter: @Megsleca

Sadly, this is true. Literally every time we catch our cat randomly staring at us, (especially in the dark) we get this feeling that they are secretly planning our murder.

16. Your cat being weird doesn’t even faze you anymore

cat owner


Cats are freaking weird man and cat owners realize this early on. The longer you have a cat, the less shocked you are by their peculiar habits.

17. Constantly listening to your cat run around

cat owner

It will literally be dead silent in the house and then all of a sudden you will hear your cat running a marathon. Cats just love random relay races!

18. Your cat drinking out of everything but their bowl

cat owner

Instagram: @savedpets

I don’t know why but cats have this thing where they would rather drink out of anything but their nice, easy accessible bowl. I guess they like a challenge!

19. Not getting the attention you want from them

cat owner

You may think cats are all nice and cuddly, but in reality, you will spend the majority of your time wishing your cat would give you attention.

20. That love-hate relationship

cat owner

In all, you will love your cat and you will hate them. I mean, they are like your sibling–they drive you crazy but you wouldn’t trade them for the world!

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Source: Buzzfeed

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