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Ring Bearer Nearly Mows Down Wedding Congregation After Falling Asleep At The Wheel

It’s not often that a wedding turns into a tragedy. However, one family narrowly avoided that fate on October 23, 2017 when the unthinkable happened: a toddler ring-bearer fell asleep during the service. What made this potentially tragic? He was behind the wheel of a car… (a small toy car, mind you – but a car nonetheless).

The Best Laid Plans

When nine-month-old Maxen Pierce was selected to be the ring bearer for his mother’s wedding, very few people saw this coming.


“He’s quite the character,” said David Pierce, Maxen’s newly-wedded father. “He has quite the personality. He’s just hilarious. He’s just a superstar on a daily basis. He was built for fame.”

“Milk Drunk”

There are several theories being tossed around the internet as to why, exactly, this nine-month-old toddler fell asleep. Some have speculated that the child was heavily intoxicated from dairy products. Or, as the kids are calling it these days, “milk drunk.”


Others, meanwhile, simply point to the fact that nine-month-olds like to sleep. Like, a lot. Which sounds sensible, but even the most sensible explanation can’t justify the levels of destruction this boy almost caused…

Any Survivors?

“I’m standing at the altar so I got the best view of it,” said David, relaying just how horrifying this experience was for everyone involved. “It was just hilarious. I mean, he was taking a nap and it was time to ride down the aisle.”


David’s quote may sound unfazed, but it’s easy to read between the lines. This new groom was clearly traumatized by seeing his toddler run rampant over the Monroe, Louisiana congregation. Milk drunk or not, Maxen is a terror on the loose. An adorable, innocent, maniacal terror.

Yet, thankfully, no one was harmed during this potentially tragic ordeal. If you want to catch footage of the frightful incident, check out the video below:

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