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Twin Movies: Famous Hollywood Films You Won’t Be Able to Tell Apart

Hollywood is the birthplace of some, if not most, of the greatest films ever made; real original pieces that blew our minds, touched our hearts, and gave us an excuse to guzzle down a tub of coke and a bucket of popcorn. But it’s a veteran industry that’s been at it for over a century, conjuring up plots one after the other like a well-oiled machine to keep us intrigued and entertained: ambitious bugs, self-aware robots, cops and dogs, vainglorious pilots—we’ve seen it all. But sometimes, and more often than you might think, we’ve seen it twice. Here you have a glorious list of Hollywood twin movies separated at birth, and reunited here—just for you!

1. Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached (2011)

They all say it’s impossible, yet everyone tries it. Ah, to have a friend from the opposite sex, have all sorts of fun, and worry not about all that relationship mumbo jumbo! These twin movies are all about that.

No Strings Attached Friends With Benefits &

On one team, you have Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, and on the other Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. They give it their best, but, of course, love ruins everything. Friends with Benefits, No Strings Attached—see them, study them, and try to do it better.

2. The Truman Show and EDtv (1998/1999)

Ever feel like you’re being watched? Most likely, you’re not. At least not by millions of people. Ed Pekurny (Matthew McConaughey) and Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) are both normal men who just happen to be on TV, their lives bare for the world to see.

Truman Show EdTV Twin Movies &

Both comedies carry a message, or perhaps a criticism, about reality TV and our endless desire to witness real moments from real people. They also happen to be spectacular feel-good movies, so if you haven’t still—go watch!

3. Abyss and Leviathan (1989)

If you were ever curious to know what’s in the very bottom of the ocean, and if you just so happen to be interested in how to kill it, you have two fairly similar movies to quench your thirst.

Twin Movies Abyss Leviathan &

In Abyss, directed by James Cameron, you have an aquatic alien life form lurking in the murky waters, and in Leviathan, you have some sort of mutant monster, courtesy of Russia. You choose which one you want to believe.

4. Armageddon and Deep Impact (1998)

Asteroids and comets are coming for earth, all civilization will be wiped out, and all life forms will die, unless—unless!—an impressive cast of top Hollywood stars will work together to save our planet.

Twin Movies Armageddon Deep Impact &

Whose hand would you rather put your life in? Armageddon and Deep Impact are big budget Hollywood productions that’ll make you forget your tranquil reality. Brave astronauts, a lot of impressive effects, and very little gravity—and you can enjoy it twice.

5. Infamous and Capote (2006/2005)

These movies tell the tale of a witty and odd writer, Truman Capote, during the time he wrote his masterpiece, the highly profound novel In Cold Blood. This very dainty individual sets out to investigate the minds of two brutal murderers and writes all about it.

Capote Infamous Twin Movies &

Both Philip Seymour Hoffman and Toby Jones play Capote with spectacular attention to detail, capturing the oddities, brilliance, and insecurities of a legendary writer who was a hit at every party, yet never felt like he fits in. It is only in two hillbillies on death-row that he finds a bit of comfort and understanding.

6. The Secret of My Succe$s and Working Girl(1987/1988)

In these two movies, our heroes are in NYC and at the bottom of the food chain. However, they’re ambitious and they do what it takes to climb the slippery social-ladder of Manhattan, and it’s not as easy as they thought.

secret of my success working girl twin movies &

Melanie Griffith in Working Girl and Michael J. Fox in The Secret to My Succe$s, both succeed in ascending and, along the way, they develop loving feelings for some foxy people out of their league.

7. The Prestige and The Illusionist (2006)

Good things come in pairs, and these magician movies starring the best actors Hollywood can offer, Edward Norton in The Illusionist and Christian Bale in The Prestige, capture the attention of the audience with amazing tricks, heated rivalries, and of course, pretty magician assistants.

Twin Movies Prestige Illusionist

Both movies received some good reviews and drew an audience, even though they came out on the same year, but the kinship of these movies is indisputable, just look at the pictures: the elegant, dark-haired magician embracing his beautiful blond assistant.

8. Braveheart and Rob Roy (1995)

You gotta love the Scottish. And 95′ was their year in the lime light. In Braveheart, you got Mel Gibson fighting despotic English soldiers and eventually raising an army to overthrow the Monarch, and in Rob Roy, you got Liam Neeson on the run and livid.

Rob Roy Braveheart Twin Movies &

In both cases, the English mess with the hero’s woman and put a damp on the tranquil Scottish way of life. Flutes, skirts, inspiring actors, and a really funny sort of English—95′ is the year to be Scottish.

9. White House Down and Olympus has Fallen (2013)

These movies have plots that are almost identical. Some paramilitary group takes the White House by surprise and it’s up to the hero to save the president and the country. It was not how he planned his day, but duty called, so he answered.

Olympus Fallen White House Down Twin Movies &

Both Gerard Butler in Olympus has Fallen and Channing Tatum in White House Down are highly trained, strong-jawed, and utterly fearless. They dodge bullets and slowly but surely secure the White House halls.

10. Tombstone and Wyatt Earp (1993/1994)

Yup, two cowboy movies, same hero, same year, same mustaches. Wyatt Earp and his brothers, accompanied by Doc Holliday make order in the unruly town of Tombstone, Arizona. A ruthless gang is out to get them, but they will not be deterred. You guessed it—there’s a new sheriff in town.

Wyatt Earp Tombstone Twin Movies

Kurt Russel, Bill Paxton, and Val Kilmer in Tombstone and Kevin Costner, Dennis Quaid, and Gene Hackman in Wyatt Earp—have you ever seen a list so impressive? In both cases there’s some solid acting, but a whole lot of similarities.

11. After Earth and Oblivion (2013)

In these science fiction movies, Earth was destroyed a long time ago and it’s up to our heroes to go back and face various and imaginative threats. The post apocalyptic visions manifested in these movies demonstrate alarming affinity. Check out their suits, for starters.

Twin Movies After Earth Oblivion & oceansmovies.blogspot-com

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Humpty and Dumpty of post-apocalyptic science fiction. However, with Tom Cruise in Oblivion and Will & Jaden Smith in After Earth, as well as spectacular effects, it’s completely natural to watch both movies. Maybe even in a row.

12. Bicentennial Man and A.I (1999/2001)

There’s nothing like a movie about humans and robots chilling together. In Bicentennial Man you have Robin Williams playing as a house appliance that gradually shows more and more humane traits, conquering the hearts of the family he serves; In A.I you have a little kid robot, played by Haley Joel Osment, programmed to love.

Bicentennial Man Artificial Intelligence Twin Movies &

You can pretty much guess that vital questions regarding artificial intelligence are raised throughout: when will we finally accept robots as equals? When will robot-human marriage be sanctioned by The Pope? Be kind to your electronics, that’s all we’re saying.

13. Chasing Liberty and First Daughter (2004)

The grass is always greener on the other side, but what if your front lawn happens to be that of the White House? This is a question for first daughters, Katie Holmes and Mandy Moore who can’t seem to accept their high-profile life style.

Twin Movies Chasing Liberty First Daughter


Well, in these 2004 romantic comedies, the U.S president’s daughters just wants to be normal. They don’t care for fame and worldwide attention, all they want is to blend in, make a fool of themselves, get into quirky adventures, and of course, fall in love.

14. Iron Eagle and Top Gun (1986)

Who’s the best darn pilot in the U.S skies? Maverick (Tom Cruise) in Top Gun and Doug Masters in Iron Eagle could very well be the top candidates. In these action-packed they supply the goods, performing some aircraft maneuvering that’ll blow your forelocks straight back.

Twin Movies Top Gun Iron Eagle &

These movies are all about young, good-looking pilots proving to everyone that with a lot of guts and a lot of vanity one could one day become the most fearsome man-child to ever roam the infinite blue.

15. Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Observe and Report (2009)

Do you feel safe in the mall? You should, mall cops take their jobs super-duper seriously and God bless their soul for that. Kevin James in Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Seth Rogen in Observe and Report do everything in their very unremarkable power to keep the mall safe, from the food court to Bed Bath and Beyond—they got it locked and loaded.

Paul Blart Mall Cop Observe and Report Twin Movies

Starring two of the funniest people in Hollywood, both comedies center around the same type of antihero: a curvy, awkward, clumsy mall cop who’s dead set on proving to everyone that he should be taken seriously. So don’t laugh.

16. Show Girls and Striptease (1995/1996)

OK, in this particular case we shouldn’t complain: when beautiful women are dancing half naked on stage, do we really mind watching the same movie twice? Showgirl and Striptease focus on ambitious heroines who almost go all the way for their respected goals.

Twin Movies Showgirls Striptease &

Elizabeth Berkley and Demi Moore give an excellent performance in these movies. Apart from all the nakedness, there are some real motives, some solid acting, and more than a few memorable zingers. Did we mention nakedness?

17. Powder and Phenomenon (1995/1996)

Psychic powers, now wouldn’t that be awesome? Hollywood sure thinks so. Within a year, two American fantasy dramas were released covering this field, and they are wicked similar. One centers around a pale outcast and the other a simple mechanic.

Twin Movies Powder Phenomenon &

John Travolta in Phenomenon and Sean Patrick Flanery in Powder use their psychic abilities to help the people around them. They are goodhearted, intelligent, and can move things without touching them—but can they move an audience that’s been there and done that?

18. The Road and The Book of Eli (2009/2010)

Viggo Mortensen and Denzel Washington walk and walk and walk in these films, and in both cases, the view isn’t Instagram ready; a post-apocalyptic world full of waste, vicious survivors, and a whole lot of danger.

Book of Eli Road Twin Movies &

Viggo and Washington both protect their precious cargo, tooth and nail, from everything and everyone that dare wish it harm. Viggo has a kid, Washington a highly important book, and we—we have our popcorn.

19. The Descent and The Cave (2006/2005)

These two horror films came out within the same year and both center around a group of people in a dark wet cave, and guess what—something’s after them. A cast of little-known actors are about to get into some deep deep trouble.

Descent Cave twin Movies &

The Descent offers an all women cast—pretty girls screaming their hearts out and disappearing one by one in accordance with a sex-appeal ranking table; The Cave is pretty much the same, just with cave “experts.” They don’t fare much better.

20. Taken and Stolen (2008/2012)

What would you do if someone threatened to hurt someone you love? Liam Neeson and Nicholas Cage had to answer this question. In Taken, Neeson’s daughter gets abducted during a Euro trip, and in Stolen, Cage’s daughter gets kidnapped by his old crime partner. Guess what, they are not the kind of men you mess with.

Twin Movies Taken Stolen &

Cage and Neeson go on a violent, explosion packed journey to get their daughters back safe and sound, as well as take vengeance upon the villains who were dumb enough to forget how these movies end.

21. Point Break and Stone Cold (1991)

Different, but the same. Yes, in Point Break you got criminal surfers robbing banks and in Stone Cold you have a crazed biker gang, but the concept is pretty much the same. Go under, infiltrate, gain trust, and go for the kill.

Point Break Stone Cold Twin Movies &

Keanu Reeves becomes a surfer, and Brian Bosworth a biker, but first and foremost, they’re undercover coppers. So, they get real close and comfy with their enemies and then—BAM—they tear them down from within.

22. K-9 and Turner and Hooch (1989)

Every time you have a cop who “likes to work alone,” you better be sure he’s about to get the worse partner ever. But sometimes, he gets the furriest. Tom Hanks in Turner and Hooch and Jim Belushi in K-9 get a four-legged partner.

K-9 Tunrner Hooch Twin Movies &

In these strikingly similar movies, a lone cop gets paired up with a fuzzy, sofa-chewing, yet intuitively brilliant pooch. After a bit of frustration due to some classic canine mayhem, he warms up to his new partners and they develop a loving, co-dependent relationship. Oh, and fight crime, of course.

23. Snow White and the Huntsman and Mirror Mirror (2012)

Seriously, two Snow White movies in one year? How does this even happen? Needless to say, these two versions share some similarities. One is more dark and action-packed, and the other a bit more lighthearted, but they definitely share the same DNA.

Snow White and the Huntsman Mirror Twin Movies &

In Mirror Mirror you have the hilarious Julia Roberts as the evil queen, and in Snow White and the Huntsman the very angry Charlize Theron—but other than that, you’re looking at a classic case of twin movies. Anyways, a magical world, a sinister queen, dark and dangerous woods, and many many questions directed at mirrors.

24. The Shining and The Amityville Horror (1980/1979)

A hotel (The Shining) and a house (The Amityville Horror) with a sordid history, and little by little our heroes discover all the horrible murders that occurred in the place they now call home, and it takes quite a psychological tole on them.

Shining Amityville Horror &

Jack Nicholson gives an unforgettable performance and James Brolin is not bad either, and the hunting atmosphere leaves you just about on the edge of the sofa. The Shining went on to become a cult movie adored by millions.

25. Red Planet and Mission to Mars (2000)

True, one day we might all have to pack our stuff and head off to Mars. Fortunately, we have a gazillion movies preparing us for that scenario, and two of them came out in the same year. Unfortunately, though, both portray Mars as a dangerous planet, unsuitable for those of us who like to chill out and watch a good movie.

Red Planet Mission Mars Twin Movies &

Red Planet starring Val Kilmer and Mission to Mars starring Tim Robbins, these movies team up to give you solid scenes of horrible weather, unknown life forms, quips from gutsy astronauts, and a whole lot of red.

26. Dante’s Peak and Volcano (1997)

These 97′ movies are all about fire. Volcano’s are erupting, threatening to inundate everyone and everything with molten lava and blazing fire, but are heroes enlist to save as many people as they possibly can.

Volcano Dante's Peak twin Movies &

In Dante’s Peak, Pierce Brosnan needs to save his kids before the eruption takes place, and in Volcano, Tommy Lee Jones must save Los Angeles by diverting the lava flow from its streets.

27. Skyline and Battle: Los Angeles (2010/2011)

Aliens are invading and they are not too happy about Los Angeles. In both films you will experience effects worth millions of dollars, all aimed at granting you that elusive feeling of appreciation and angst towards what might be out there in the galaxy—apart from Hollywood stars, that is.

Skyline Battle Los Angeles Twin Movies &

Fire balls hitting the city, gigantic spaceships sucking up the masses into space, and basically, superior life forms making us look like fools. These twin movies mostly rely on special effects and a lot of fleeing extras.

28. Robocop and The Vindicator (1987/1986)

When good men are attacked and permanently mutilated by vicious criminals, it’s downright tragic. But fortunately, in Robocop and The Vindicator their tragedy quickly becomes that of the perpetrators.

Robocop Vindicator Twin Movies &

These victims, playbed by Peter Weller and David McIlwraith, enjoy a technological make-over and become truly fearsome cyborgs. And guess what, they don’t forget past injustices, and barring some hardware malfunction, they will have their vengeance.

29. Rookies of the Year and Little Big League (1993/1994)

Here we have two separate movies with a very common concept. Let’s take a twelve year-and-old and land him smack at the top of the major baseball league. At first everyone will laugh at him, but little by little he’ll make it big.

Big Little League Rookies Year Twin Movies &

Henry in Rookies of the Year becomes a supernatural pitcher after healing from a shoulder injury, and Billy in Little Big League inherits a baseball team and decides to manage it. In both cases, as it turns out, there’s nothing like a little child-like innocence to get the weary grownups inspired and ready to win.

30. Enemy and The Double (2013)

There is nothing more blissful than finding your very own doppelganger. And in 2013, two different Hollywood productions found theirs. These movies are not lighthearted comedies, as one might expect from such a premise, they feature some pretty dark-humor.

Double Enemy Twin Movies &

Enemy starring Jake Gyllenhaal and The Double starring Jesse Eisenberg center around a hero who gets fascinated and caught up in the life of his doppelganger. By the look of them, you can tell—it gets quite frustrating.

31. The Fast and the Furious and Gone in 60 Seconds (2001/2000)

These two fast-paced movies share more than a few similarities. Car thefts, street racing, pretty girls, gun violence—It’s safe to say that males are the target audience and, by god, they got us pegged.

Fast Furious Gone 60 Seconds Twin Movies

Nicholas Cage needs to steal 50 cars in one night and he barely makes it, and Paul Walker has to infiltrate a street car racing gang. What’s for sure, they ain’t about to go at it at the 10 and 2 position.

32. End of Days and Stigmata (1999)

The two horror films concern themselves with pretty much the same material. End of Days is about the arrival of the Antichrist to celebrate the millennium (and we all know how he likes to get down); Stigmata is about a woman beginning to slowly transform into some sort of Satan.

End Days Stigmata Twin Movies &

Even though these plots sound riveting, both movies got pretty bad reviews. Twice the Antichrist tried to make it in Hollywood and twice he failed. It wouldn’t be surprising if we found out he’s now waiting tables somewhere in the Valley.

33. Pacific Rim and Battleship (2013/2012)

Extraterrestrials have once again landed on earth to kill us and just ruin the day. The creators of Pacific Rim and Battleship have decided that this time the onslaught shall occur at sea. Why not, what do we care.

Pacific Rim battleship &

In Battleship we have Taylor Kitsch and in Pacific Rim we have Charlie Hunnan. Both give the aliens a solid fight and the ladies a little blush in the cheeks, but lose their siblings in the process.

34. Carnosaur and Jurassic Park (1993)

Both movies are based on a novel and focus on dinosaur-cloning and the aftermath of when it naturally goes super wrong. Sure got a little cocky after Dolly the sheep, didn’t we? These lab experiments turned out very very wrong.

Jurassic Park Carnosaur &

Jurassic Park, directed by the brilliant Steven Spielberg is by far the more known of the two, but in both you’ll find exactly what you’d expect—frightened and remorseful humans making a run for it, and some hungry, pissed-off dinosaurs.

35. A Bug’s Life and Antz (1998)

Yup, these are your ambitious bugs. Both Flik from A Bug’s Life and Z from Antz are tiny ants in the big world, getting into colorful adventures and trying to break away from ingrained ways of living and better their lives.

Twin Movies

They don’t want to spend their days as obscure workers with dreary lives. Flik immerses himself in crazy inventions and Z aspires to conquer Princess Bala and is willing to break all norms in the process. Nevertheless, these movies are set in extremely similar worlds and their theme, as well as moral, is identical—individuality.

36. Phone Booth and Liberty Stands Still (2002)

These two movies are suspiciously similar. Both Colin Farrell in Phone Booth, and Linda Fiorentino in Liberty Stands Still answer a random phone call and their lives turn upside down. On the other end of the line there’s a sniper with his aims on our heroes and he wants to teach them a lesson. He knows that they’ve been misbehaving.

Twin Movies &

Both work for evil industries and are all about the money, cheat on their spouses, and, at one point, yell to the sniper to get it over with. Both, of course, learn a valuable lesson and swear to never resume their immoral activities.

37. Gordy and Babe (1995)

95′ must have been the year of the pig, because two movies came out in the same year with farm pigs as their main characters. These little pigs were not ordinary by any means: they could talk, they had spunk, they were leaders, and they took matters into their own hands.

Babe Gordy Twin Movies &

Granted, the pigs look slightly different. One has a bandanna and the other a little forelock, but basically, they’re exactly the same. By the way, if you were wondering, there are some other equally adorable barn animals who join the young piglets in their many exploits.

38. Megamind and Despicable Me (2010)

Computer animated movies about a funny looking character who starts out evil. However, soon appears a bigger evil who wreaks havoc in the community, and so our antihero soon discovershe has a big soft heart.

Despicable Me Megamind Twin Movies &

Will Ferrell stars in Megamind and Steve Carrel stars in Despicable Me, these two equally brilliant comedians bring to life very similar characters to drive a plot that’s been proven efficient to reach the target audience’s heart and spark its imagination.

39. You’re a Big Boy Now and The Graduate (1966/1967)

These two movies deal with a young man, sexually unconfident, searching for an experienced woman to show him how it’s done. Luckily, Anne Bancroft and Elizabeth Hartman are up for the task.

Graduate you're big boy now Twin Movies &

The Graduate, starring none other than Dustin Hoffman, might be the more known of the two, but if you enjoyed it like everybody else, watch You’re a Big Boy Now, it’s very much alike and just as sexually illuminating.

40. The Wild and Madagascar (2006/2005)

Wow, are these movies a spitting image of one another! A computer animated movie about a lion and his possy escaping a NY zoo and ending up somewhere real authentic. Kids loved the concept so much, they made two.

Twin Movies Wild Madagascar &

The Madagascar bunch find themselves in the African island of species diversity and the pack from The Wild end up in Africa proper. Watch both movies one after the other and try to see if you can remember them distinctly.

Source: Buzzfeed, Wikipedia

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