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Twins, Triplets and Quadruplets That Look Amazingly Alike

Athletes, businesswomen, models, and entertainers: the stunning women on this list are incredibly accomplished and have done it all with an incredible accomplice (or two, or three) by their sides. Though the twins on this list were born only minutes apart and have spent very few of them apart, they still enjoy each other’s company and have even gone on to pursue the same careers. Together, they have all carved out names for themselves as fierce and incredible teams of sisters. Read on to discover the most talented pairs of twins, triplets and even quadruplets in the world today.

1. The Davalos Twins –Colombia

These twin models have been in the business for almost 20 years. They started their modeling career when they were 10 years old, back when they were still living in Colombia. Surprisingly, the two have very different personalities

Camila and Mariana Davalos twins


Nowadays, Camila resides in Miami. She is a mother, describes herself as outgoing, and loves to work the cameras. Meanwhile, her sister Mariana is more on the quiet side and views modeling as just a nifty way to make good money. She resides in Medellin, Colombia.

2. The Feres Twins – Brazil

They look alike and they swim alike. These gifted synchronized swimmers took the sport to a different level as the crowd at the 2007 Pan American Games marveled at what appeared to be the sport’s new height in similarity.

 bia and bianca feres twins

Bia and Branca Ferez have been athletes since the young age of three, starting out in gymnastics and developing an impressive career in synchronized swimming. But that’s not the entire extent of their activity: they also act and model.

3. The Shannon Twins—U.S.A

Kristina and Karissa Shannon first garnered attention as Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends, which earned them a spot on the reality TV show The Girls Next Door. Their relationship with Hefner was reportedly not for romance, but rather more for the fun and opportunity.

hot twins triplets

The Ann Arbor, Michigan natives appeared in the summer issue of Playboy magazine, and later participated on the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother, in which they earned 5th place. In 2010, all eyes turned to twin Karissa, after it was confirmed that she took an active part in some celebrity sex tapes.

4. The Grushin Twins—Russia

The limelight is not for everyone and these breathtaking twins prefer to keep their lives a mystery. The internet once had very little information about these DJ’s from Russia, who tried their best for a long time to keep their names hidden from the public.

Hot Twins and Triplets

On social media they were known simply as “The Russian Twins,” but eventually their real identities were leaked. According to some sources, Anya and Kristina Grushin have since moved to Mexico in order to pursue a career in modeling.

5. The Herbert Twins—Australia

These two charmers from the land down under have made men and women alike drop their jaws in an instant. Renee and Elisha Herbert first entered the limelight when they were contracted by an online clothing boutique store named Pepper Mayo. Since then, they have become fashion leaders.

hot twins triplets

They’ve been modeling and making a name for themselves, which was bound to happen with such perfect features. They have a mass of followers on Instagram, and we are sure to see a lot more of them in the fashion world.

6. The Tancheva Twins—Bulgaria

These super-cute twins, born in 1987, made their debut in the 2003 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship. Even back then, when they were only 16, they performed amazingly and landed a silver medal for the Bulgarian team in the all-round tournament.

hot twins and triplets

The twins also competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens with a double routine featuring two balls, three hoops, and five ribbons. While Galina scored a bit more points than her twin Vladislava, the two contributed to the team’s impressive score and brought a lot of pride to Bulgaria.

7. The Badura Twins—Poland and Britain

Klaudia and Laura Badura have become Instagram sensations, admired for their good taste in fashion, their ability to pull off every outfit. It obviously caught a few eyes and their modeling and endorsement work has turned into their full-time jobs.



The sisters travel the world, take pictures for their 153,000 Instagram followers, and endorse a slew of different products, from protein powders to high-end shoes. They are originally from Poland, but have spent most of their lives in the UK.

8. The Bündchen Twins—Brazil

Gisele and Patricia Bündchen are originally from Tres De Maio, which is in the south of Brazil. Gisele was discovered at a model talent search when she was only 14. She moved to São Paulo and subsequently to New York. Her twin Patricia stayed by her side and decided to aid her in this stressful career.

Hot twins and triplets

As her sister’s spokesperson and manager, Patricia has accompanied Gisele around the world, making sure she is treated fairly and lands good, constructive contracts. After Gisele’s retirement from modeling, the two embarked on a joint business venture: Gisele Bündchen Intimates.

9. The Marchant Twins- Britain

Sam and Amanda Marchant, who sometimes are known as Samanda, first hit the spotlight when they came in second place on British reality show Big Brother in 2007. Ever since then, they have tried their hands at everything from music to sports to fashion to releasing their own line of beauty products.

hot twins and triplets


The British twins have released two songs: one a cover of Aqua’s hit single “Barbie Girl,” and another song called “Honey Love.” They also signed a deal with the successful Hello Kitty franchise and released a workout video.

10. The Ferguson Twins—U.S.A

Emily and Haley Ferguson first came into the public eye through the reality TV show The Bachelor. The two did not capture bachelor Ben Higgins’s heart, but they did catch everyone else’s attention, so much so that they received their own reality show.

hot twins and triplets

The Las Vegas natives star in their own reality show called The Twins: Happily Ever After? in which they move out of their mother’s house and venture into the big world in search of love and the independence that comes with adulthood.

11. The Kim Triplets–South Korea

Sun Ah, Min Ah, and Jin Ah form an all-sister musical group based in Seoul, South Korea, called quite cleverly Infinity of Soul. Their harmonious singing and fiddle playing, as well as their stunning good looks, have earned them quite a hefty fan base.

Hot twins and triplets

The fusion music they produce involves imaginative combinations, such as African folk and Russian music. The triplets are also talented in other fields: they’ve all completed their BAs with honors and went on to complete Masters Degrees.

12. The Grave Triplets—U.S.A

Fort Payne, Alabama natives Kristie, Lindsey, and Whitney Graves all attended the University of South Alabama to study nursing, and in the meantime raised spirits all around as Jaguar cheerleaders. The three beauties also boast successful careers as models.

hot twins and triplets

The Graves triplets have lived incredibly similar lives. When they were born they had to be told apart by wearing differently-colored bracelets. They’ve used their similarities to confuse friends and boyfriends, but when it comes to their parents, they say it’s impossible—they just know them too well.

13. The Cope Twins—U.S.A

Speed and beauty—these NASCAR drivers are true double threats. Amber and Angela come from a family of race car drivers. Both their father and their grandfather had careers in the field, so it was only natural that the twins are now following in the tradition.

Hot twins triplets

They were exposed to driving at a very young age. Their father used to take them to the go-kart tracks, and that got them hooked. But, really, it must be something in their blood, because they’ve already made NASCAR history—Amber and Angela were the first twins to reach the top three series of NASCAR.

14. The Klimaszewski Twins—U.S.A

These smoldering twins from Leicester, Massachusetts are Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski and they have been turning heads all around the world. They started out as teen dancers on Star Search and built up an impressive career in entertainment.


They appeared as models on NBC game show Let’s Make a Deal in 1990, they worked for live magicians, they wrestled for the WWF, and were also the face of Coors Light in a famous ad campaign.

15. The Taylor Triplets—U.S.

Born in Mississippi, these triplets form a Christian bluegrass music trio. At the incredibly young ages of five, they were already experimenting with music, and to date, they have already released several albums.

Their music consists of masterful performances on the violin, banjo, guitar, bass, and mandolin. While they have very different personalities, they admit to sharing almost everything—except clothes, because each has her own style and wants to keep it that way.

16. The Tang Triplets—Canada

These Canadian beauties boast very interesting origins. While they might be identical in looks, they are of different heights and personalities. Joelle is more shy and off-beat, Mariah is social and outgoing, and Jade is the easy going one of the bunch.

They model in Asia and Canada and two of them appeared in the movie X-Men: Wolverine. Their father is Chinese and their mother is originally from the Ukraine.

17. The Rybka Twins—Australia

From Perth, Australia we bring you the most flexible twins in the southern hemisphere. The Rybka twins are acrobats and contortionists, who also happen to be really skilled dancers. They started doing acrobatics at the age of three and began dancing at the age six.

hot twins and triplets

They grew up surrounded by acrobats because their mother is a former acrobat. Studying at the Debra McCulloch Dance Academy, they worked hard to develop a remarkable set of skills, and indeed they made it far in Season 7 of Australia’s Got Talent.

18. The Romanchenko Twins—Russia

More from the acrobatic department, we give you the Russian stunners Elena and Olga Romanchesko. Not too much is known about them, for they tend to shy away from media and web attention, focusing most of their time on arduous workouts that’ll guarantee top-tier performance.

hot twins and triplets

Yep, these two are true-and-tried athletes who don’t mess around or let their beauty pull them off tracks. It seems to be working for them, because in 2007 both managed to achieve the title of Master of Sports, which is a highly desired title in Russia.

19. The Crimmins Triplets—Ireland

It is pretty much impossible to tell these Irish knockouts apart. Instead of fighting their similarities and trying to come up with their very own jazz, so to speak, Laura, Nicola and Alison Crimmins embrace their resemblance and go all the way with it.

hot twins triplets

Not only do they dress alike and sport the same hairdo, the three models have also admitted to basically having the exact same lifestyle as well. They go about the day together and repeat the same diet regimes and apply the same beauty products.

20. Camilla and Rebecca Rosso—Britain

Camilla and Rebecca Rosso are singers and actresses, best known for their roles on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. They were discovered when a an executive producer picked them out of a the show’s live taping audience.

camilla and rebecca rosso twins


They were cast in the sequel of the successful franchise, Legally Blond named Legally Blondes. They also recorded a song titled ‘Lucky Girl’ for the film. Formerly, they were part of an all-girl music group named The Rosso Sisters with their two other sisters.

21. The Bella Twins—U.S.A

When Brie and Nikki enter the ring, you better watch your back. These twin sisters formed a WWE tag-team, and Nikki even held the Divas championship for the longest time in WWE professional wrestling history of 301 days unbeat.

Hot Twins and Triplets

The beautiful wrestlers were raised on a farm in Scottsdale Arizona, and they are both dating the most powerful men in WWE. Nikki is dating the well known wrestler John Cena, and Brie is married to wrestler Daniel Bryan.

22. The Okapiec Triplets—Poland

The Okapiec triplets from Poland are part of a violin trio named Alizma which is a combination of their names: Aleksandra, Izabela, and Monika. Though they now live in the U.S. and perform all over the world.

hot twins and triplets

Their positive and inspirational music has landed them appearances on Hannah Montana, Last Call with Carson Daly, and America’s Got Talent. They originally came to the United States to study, completing their Bachelor’s degrees in Arts Management and Masters degrees in music.

23. The Warnell Twins—U.S.A

In 2010, the heart-stopping twins Schuyler and Dresdynn Warnell fought tooth and nail to gain entry into the Houston Texans Cheerleader squad and become professional NFL dancers, and indeed they were part of the team for two consecutive years.

hot twins and triplers

They were both enrolled in dance at a very young age by their mother, who shared the twins’ passion for dance. Dresdyn is the older one, by a whopping stretch of 20 minutes, and both are Speech Pathology majors, a degree they plan to pursue while giving the Houston Texans football players some much-needed encouragement.

24. The Abu Khadra Twins—Saudi Arabia

These two Instagram stars and fashion leaders, Sama and Haya Abu Khadra, debuted in the fashion world at the young age of 14, when their mother entrusted them to perform as buyers and scouters for her store. They’ve never failed delivering the goods ever since. They have a massive audience of followers on Instagram: more than half a million.

hot twins and triplets

They were born and raised in Dubai, Saudi Arabia but have obviously not stuck to their country’s strict code of style and dress. In addition to their modeling fame, they have also started DJ’ing, after being inspired by their older brother.

25. The Murphy Twins—U.S.A

We give you yet another pretty set of twins with awesome cheerleading skills, this time shaking it for the Kansas City Chiefs. Caroline and Claire Murphy are originally from Iowa and both graduated from the University of Iowa.


The Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleading Squad is just the highlight of a long career of cheerleading, in which the pair gained a lot of experience: they also cheered in the past for local teams such as the Cedar Rapid Titan and the River City Roughriders.

26. The Partridge Twins—U.S.A

Sierra and Hailey Partridge are professional surfers, and they take advantage of it to travel around the world, spread the word about health and balanced living, and take heart-stopping bikini photos. While doing all this, they still manage to attend the University of California at Santa Barbara.

partridge twins

The California knockouts were raised in Santa Cruz and were taught to love and respect the ocean from a very young age. Before they could even put one foot in front of the other, they were already swimming, and by the age of nine they were hitting the waves solo.

27. The Akse Quadruplets—The Netherlands

Out of the 17 million people that live in The Netherlands, the Aske girls are the only quadruplet to be found. And what a set of Quadruplets, too! Naturally, once they were discovered they were immediately offered their very own reality show.

Their show, De Vierling, or in English, Quads, is a TV show about the lives of the four pretty sisters Tessa, Bo, Lisa, and Esme. They were born in the small town of Hardenberg, and they are all currently in serious relationships—so don’t buy your flight tickets to ask them out just yet.

28. The Pyfrom Quadruplets—U.S.A

This beautiful foursome was born into fame as soon as their Bahamian parents announced they had quadruplets. When they reached the age of 16, Catherine, Janelle, Christina, and Jodi decided that they want to embark on a joint career in music and formed a music group cleverly named FourEver 1.

hot twins triplets

They have performed on many occasions at events like the International Culture Festival in 2015 and the Bahamas International Film Festival in 2011. While they do have big Hollywood dreams, they all attend Glendale Community College in California. Even though you won’t be able to tell the four sisters apart, they attest to have very different personalities.

29. The Nystrom Twins

These identical titans share the sands, the net, and a gene pool. Emilia and Erika play professional beach volleyball for Finland and they rock at it. They’re not just about the good looks and bikinis either — they have major talent! They actually brought home the bronze medal in the 2010 European Championship.

emilia and erika nystrom twins

Aside from kicking ass on the sand, they also take on the occasional modeling job, as has become quite customary with pretty female athletes. We are sure to see a lot more of these talented Nordic sisters, both on the sand and on the screen.

30. The Lunde Twins—Norway

Katrine Lunde and Kristine Lunde-Borgersen are well-known figures in their country of origin, Norway. Their incredible handball skills have carried the Norwegian National Handball Team to new heights and have made many fellow countrymen extremely proud.

The twins boast two gold Olympic medals from the 2008 Beijing and the 2012 London Olympics. Furthermore, they received gold medals in the 2011 World Championship, as well as the 2004, 2006, and 2008 European Championships.

Source: W Magazine, Daily Mail

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