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These YouTubers Found The Most Unusual Use For Drones

By now, you should be aware of the drone hype and whether or not you like it, they are becoming more and more popular. I mean, we all know that in the future, robots are going to take over the world and drones are basically the start. Well, the Youtuber Simon Giertz, who is a robot enthusiast, looked for a new and unusual use for drones.

When Giertz invited the privacy and security researcher (and also a Youtuber) Samy Kamkar, the two decided to do a crazy experiment. I guess it is one of those “why not” moments. They attached a pair of automated scissors, which they invented themselves, to a drone and tried to get it to cut a wig on a styrofoam head.

I’m glad they didn’t use an actual person because that just seems like a really bad idea, though it is hilarious. Maybe this will be the future of haircuts, or maybe we need to stop the drone obsession. Either way, now you can curb your curiosity and see how good drones are at cutting hair!

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