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These Couples Made Their Doggos Part Of Their Weddings and It’s Beautiful

Dogs are so essential to their owners’ happiness that they bring their pups everywhere: the store, vacation, even down the aisle. Couples want them to share in the occasion. Once you see how these newlyweds incorporated their pups into the ceremony, you’ll run right out to rescue a dog — and buy a ring.

A Pawsome Cake Topper

Fete Photography

A custom canine-inspired caketopper celebrates your love for your pooch and your partner. Some couples go even further beyond the bark and highlight their pets during the reception.

Fur-Friendly Wedding Favors

Into the Story

A couple named Gil and Luna created a cake topper that doubled as a wedding favor, giving their guests a keepsake to remember their darling doggos and their nuptials.

All Hail The Ring Barker

Fete Photography

What’s sweeter than man’s best friend trotting down the aisle with the rings to help his humans get married? We’ll show you what’s sweeter.

One For Each

Mikos Photography

When you have more than one dog, it’s impossible to pick between them — so don’t! Plenty of pet owners incorporate all of their furry friends.

Open Paws, Full Hearts

Click Chicks Photography

A photo op with your pooches creates a priceless memory. You might think it doesn’t get more precious than humans touching paws with their pups, but you’d be wrong.

Kissing The Bride

Jodi Miller Photography

It’s all too easy to picture the dog giving away the bride. He’s not losing an owner, though. He’s gaining a new human.

To Have And To Hold

Darcy Preece Photography

Your pup is like your child. You’re a family now. A photo like this cements that bond and brings a tear to the eye, honestly.

The Best Man

Garrett Davis

Man’s Best Friend is clearly the best man, too. The other groomsmen can help to keep him entertained and safe during the ceremony and reception.

Furry Flower Girl

Jenny DeMarco

Pooches can be ring bearers. There’s no reason your doggo can’t stand in as your flower girl. You can always have some fun with your pups, too…

Another Happy Couple

Brave Heart

It’s a special occasion. Dress your doggos as miniature versions of yourselves. Every wedding is better with two brides and grooms, especially if two of them give away free kisses.

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